Friday, February 11, 2011

Its been awhile.

Its been I figured I'd stop in and say hey to my little old blog. I am majorly slacking on updates and photos..sorry. The good news is I am only a few short weeks away from getting my dream camera. I will be back full on and ready to unleash a whole 20 years of creativity that has been building up!

Until then? Its Friday night. I just got home from work. I'm in an old Phillie's tee and pink fuzzy slippers, under the electric blanket and listening to Jake flip back and forth between Alaska: gold rush and Top shot. He's actually now poking his toes into my ribs, cocking his head to the side saying "Wanna get a movie when this show is over?"

What else can I say? Its been the same old same old around here. Abby and I are having a serious case of cabin fever - we are so ready for spring. Theres only so much you can do when its bitterly cold outside, and walking around the mall and playing in its play area is getting a little old. We're ready for some playground trips, open toed shoes, and day trips to the beach. Its supposed to be in the 50's this weekend, which gives us a teeny tiny light at the end of this freezing tunnel.

We are getting out this weekend and doing something fun. What you ask? I have no idea. But I am SICK of this apartment and I'm sure Abby is too. Maybe I'll go on a hunt and get some pictures too.

Hopefully I'll be out of this cold weather rut soon!!

Happy weekending.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Everything happens for a reason.

I'm almost positive that I have this spell casted on me. One of those evil/good ones. You know, the kind that brings you HORRIBLE luck and you hate the spell forever..until the end you finally realize that you love the spell. You love it because it pushed you to work harder, love deeper, and learn to be more independent than you would have been if things had gone simply. When its all done and over and you see the spell in the corner of the room giving you this bitter smile like its okay, I know. You don't have to thank me.

I'm in a rut of bad luck. I'm convinced that its all for a reason and that some day it will all pay off and end in something beautiful.

This morning at 7:15am I was steering my car. My broken down car, and a very sleepy looking Jackie was trying to push it out of traffics the middle of an ice storm. Shall I explain?

Every once in a while Jackie will come over on a Monday night when I work on Tuesday. She's always off on sometimes she'll have a sleepover here and spend the day with Ab on Tuesday morning while I'm working so that I don't have to drag her out in the cold. And because she loves her too, of course!

My morning was unusually easy. I actually had enough time to pack my lunch, make a cup of coffee, and take the extra time to shave in the shower. Well, it all went down hill quickly. Should have known! My makeup was MIA. The one god for saking morning when I had the time to scrub every last spec of makeup off my eyes and skin, I had NOTHING to re apply it with. I could have done with out most of it, but I was not about to leave the house without some concealer, my face looks like a freaking piece of pepperoni pizza without it. I was in a panic rushing around the house, calling Jake 50 times...when finally I found it hiding behind the TV in our bedroom. Why you ask? Jake put it there last night to keep Abby from destroying it. I forgot.

I was finally making it out the door when I realized there was an inch of ice on the roads. So much fun. I shuffled my way across the street to my car and after 16 tries of the turn the key, pump the breaks, and jiggle the steering wheel my car finally started. But not for long. I was backing of the parking spot when little red shut down. She said fuck this. I'm not going out in this shit.

We were in the middle of the road, blocking traffic. I tried about three times to re start her but it wasn't happening. I put my flashers on, waved sorry to the other cars who were trying to turn around, and ran up the steps to wake up my sleeping friend.

"Jackie. Jackie! JACKIE! Get up! My car broke down, your gonna have to help me push it". She got up, rubbed her eyes, checked the time, put on her glasses and said "lets go". *This one of the million reasons why she's my best friend*.

As soon as we were out front she said "Oh my god Brittany! We are never going to be able to push your car! Theres no traction, its all ice!". But needless to say, we tried. I turned the stiff wheel and she pushed with all her might on my bumper. Bitch was not moving.

We made a couple phone calls to dads/friends when finally we realized the car wasn't in neutral. Durrr Brittany and Jackie. Right at this time a good Samaritan came out of his house in his camo sweat pants and untied work boots who helped us get old bessy back in her place.

It was definitely a work out. I was definitely pissed that I had to call out of work, 10 minutes before I was supposed to be there.

But, theres always good in the bad right? Needless to say Jackie and I were *awake*. It was only 7am, we were frozen to death, and there was only one solution: The early show, my giant electric blanket, coffee, and McDonald's breakfast. We spent the whole morning that way, laughing and gossiping. It was a nice way to wind down after a hectic morning.

The sweetest part of it all? Being there when my sweet, sweet baby woke up at 11. Although she was probably really confused why Mommy already had her hair done and makeup on, her clothes for the day laid out, and breakfast waiting on the table. Ha ha. So not like me. I usually don't even see the light of day until I hear her scurrying around in her crib. We usually spend our early mornings in a very dark living room watching Sprout. I cuddle her up on the couch under blankets for awhile while I sip coffee..and then we get up and start our day. Today was pretty different.

After a sprout tv, pancake eating, and book reading late morning..nap time rolled around and today I was right there with her. I kissed her little nose and dimmed the lights..and I took the most relaxing and refreshing nap I'd taken in such a long time. Jake came home from work, got undressed, gave me a sweet kiss and fell asleep next to me - made it even better.

We stayed in for the night due to the icy conditions and Jake had to take some time to fix my car (which is all better now - thanks babe! and thank goodness for handy boyfriends!). We got pizza hut carry out, played with blocks, scrubbed the carpet and took a nice and warm bath together (me and Abby that is - not me and Jake. ha ha). Bed time rolled around and Ab had no interest in it, so instead she stayed up with Mama and watched Teen Mom 2!

She's finally in bed and I'm feeling pretty sleepy myself. G'night! #everythinghappensforareason.


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