Friday, February 11, 2011

Its been awhile.

Its been I figured I'd stop in and say hey to my little old blog. I am majorly slacking on updates and photos..sorry. The good news is I am only a few short weeks away from getting my dream camera. I will be back full on and ready to unleash a whole 20 years of creativity that has been building up!

Until then? Its Friday night. I just got home from work. I'm in an old Phillie's tee and pink fuzzy slippers, under the electric blanket and listening to Jake flip back and forth between Alaska: gold rush and Top shot. He's actually now poking his toes into my ribs, cocking his head to the side saying "Wanna get a movie when this show is over?"

What else can I say? Its been the same old same old around here. Abby and I are having a serious case of cabin fever - we are so ready for spring. Theres only so much you can do when its bitterly cold outside, and walking around the mall and playing in its play area is getting a little old. We're ready for some playground trips, open toed shoes, and day trips to the beach. Its supposed to be in the 50's this weekend, which gives us a teeny tiny light at the end of this freezing tunnel.

We are getting out this weekend and doing something fun. What you ask? I have no idea. But I am SICK of this apartment and I'm sure Abby is too. Maybe I'll go on a hunt and get some pictures too.

Hopefully I'll be out of this cold weather rut soon!!

Happy weekending.

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