Bucket List

  1. Own my dream camera
  2. Cruise the Caribbean 
  3. Go horse back riding on the beach 
  4. Achieve a college degree
  5. Be happy with my body 
  6. Get a tattoo (October, 2009)
  7. Meet someone famous 
  8. Take Abby shopping in New York 
  9. Buy my OWN car. Mine is technically my mom's since I got it when I was 17. 
  10. Learn to play a song on the guitar
  11. Take a vacation with friends 
  12. Take Abby to Disney World
  13. Cook dinner every single night for a month 
  14. Fit into my size 4 jeans 
  15. Get married and take a dreamy honeymoon. 
  16. Make a piece of furniture
  17. Finish Abby's scrapbook
  18. Fill a photo album
I'll be adding to this as more ideas come to me.


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