Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunday in the Country

Somehow, some wonderful friends convinced me to join them to go to Sunday In The Country this past weekend...bought me a ticket and everything! All would of been great and dandy but..I worked night shift the night before. I got home from work around 8am, and had to meet my friends at 10:45 am. Ahhh I was so sleepy!

But, as I always am...I'm glad I went.

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It was a replay of the Jason Aldean Concert , which if any of you remember..was a total blast!

Our hopes were low when we were leaving to drive there though. It was raining, we were running late, none of us had eaten, we were all just wasn't a smooth morning. However..

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Majority of the day was spent like this. Silly, happy, funny, sunny, and wonderful.

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After tailgating on Whitney's mustang for about an hour, we headed into the pavilion and waited for the show to get started. The sun came out, and it was HOT and we were directly under the sun..all dressed for rainy & chilly weather. The couple of beers that I had drank during tailgating hour went straight to me due to my lack of sleep & food. I was exhausted. I laid right on our blanket and took a nap. I didn't even care, I needed it.

Once I woke up & the show got started, all was great. We laughed, we know, the whole 9 yards :)

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I later ran into my cousins, which was totally exciting considering I literally haven't seen them in 4 or 5 years!!

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We were there ALL DAY LONG. We left at 11am, and didn't get home until 10:30pm. Needless to say, I got home & totally crashed. This was three days ago..and I'm still feeling it. Back to work in the morning, birthday party shopping Friday, Abby's Birthday party Saturday & back to work again on Sunday. Exciting! But....*Yaaaaaaaawn*

Abby's First Birthday

On Abby's first birthday, we wanted to do something extra fun for her. So, we decided to take her the Aquarium in downtown Baltimore.

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Besides getting lost on the way there, we all had a total blast!

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My little girl is such a water baby, that she threw a fit & didn't understand why we couldn't get into the giant fish tanks. Ha ha. Poor baby! She still had fun though :)

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We had lunch at the cafe, Abby had a yummy grilled cheese & Jake and I had soft pretzels.

After the Aquarium and a quick stop at home for a power nap..We headed over to Mammy's for some Birthday Cake with her cousins, Aunts & Uncles, and Sam and Uncle Chance!

Sam was there to give her, her very first birthday present to open!

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And it was a...

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Popper pusher! Thank you Sammie!

When it was time to sing Happy Birthday, we lit the candle, turned down the lights..and started to sing. And I cried. Seriously..where did the last year go! Where is my teeny tiny newborn?

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She has turned into a toddler. Who laughs, and walks, and talks. She grew up so quickly!

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But, she didn't love the attention. When we stopped singing, and told her to blow out the candle and everyone was yelling YEAHHH!! WOOOOO, YAYYYYY! and snapping a million pictures..she started cry and reached out for her mama. See, she's still my widdle baby :)

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She didn't even like the cake! She spit it out & wanted to get down and play. Oh well, dats okay. We'll try again at her party this weekend :)

Here's an attempt we tried to get of Abby and all her BOY cousins:

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Happy Birthday Abby, we all Love you so super much!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One year ago today, Part two

I didn't forget you guys, I promise! My life has been so crazy busy, but so perfect all in the same these past few days. Updates to come, I have like 3 different blogs I need to post! But, in the is the rest of my precious baby girls birth story that you all have been waiting so patiently for :)

So, it was for real. My water had really broken. I was in the room by myself, Jake was in the basement..but for some reason I still yelled out for him. His mom herd me & answered saying he's in the basement Britt, do you need something? me: umm,'s okay I'll go down there in a minute. I grabbed my cell phone & texted my friend Sam (the one who had went to the mall with me the day before to help start my labor!) and our conversation went like this:

me: omg, my water just broke
sam: shut up
me: no, I'm not even kidding, I'm freaking out
sam: OMGGGG!!!!!!

Then I called my mom. Our conversation went like this:

me: I think my water just broke.
mom: *very serious tone* How do you know?
me: because! I herd the pop & theres STILL water gushing out of me!
mom: oh my god! Where is Jake?
me: downstairs.
mom: did you tell him?
me: not yet..
mom: GO TELL HIM! I'm calling your doctor..

*why SHE called my doctor and not me, I'll never figure out lol, I was freaking out so I just went along with whatever she was saying*

I finally got myself together & walked downstairs to tell Jake. He was in deep xbox mode, and I was like:

babe, my water just broke.
whaaaat? how do you know?
because I freaking know! why does everyone keep asking me this!
oh shit..what are we going to do?
well, my moms calling the doctor & I guess we should get ready & go to the hospital..come on!
okay, hang on..I'll be up in a minute
*gives look of death*
*turns off xbox & follows me up the a good boy ;)*

The next 40 minutes were complete chaos. I was supposed to be induced the very next night, so we had nothing ready..we were just going to pack bags in the morning. My water kept breaking..I was almost crying because I'd already soaked through 3 pairs of pants in a whole 15 minutes. My mom was calling me back saying how she got in a fight with the hospital because they said they wouldn't call my doctor, that the doctor on call would have to deliver, and then she said: but regardless, they said you need to go up to labor and delivery ASAP. Which just freaked me out even more! I was trying to finish doing my hair because it was half wet & half dry..and I was starving! and I really wanted some good seafood!

We finally made it to the car, Jake and I both were cracking up. We were excited, we were nervous, we were frustrated...and it just all came out in huge laughing bursts. I was POURING rain, and I had this huge fear of giving birth in the I was constantly telling him to hurry up! but then I'd tell him to slow down because it was raining..I was such a mess! He kept asking if I wanted to stop at a fast food place & get something to eat, but I kept refusing because I was so afraid I was going to have Abby in the car! (& I wish I could explain the amount of regret of NOT getting that delicious fast food, when the nurse told me I couldn't eat after I got there...I could of punched her) We made it to the hospital & got to park right out front in the "labor and delivery" parking lot..I kept making Jake check the back of my pants because my water was STILL breaking..I was like people are going to think I'm peeing my pants!!!

Once we got up to the labor & delivery unit...I was starting to have some really bad back pain, and the secretary was such a bitch. She moved so slow. Didn't smile once. I was seriously so close from snatching all the paper work out of her hands & doing it myself..I could of done it faster and better! In my head I was like can you NOT see that I am a lady in LABOR hunched over at your desk with my hand on my aching back BEGGING YOU with my eyes to hurry the fuck up!? I was seriously pissed.

But that didn't last long, we finally got to our room & I loved our nurse. She asked me to change into a gown, she hooked me up to the fetal monitor, and said "alrighty sweetie, your doctor is his way up" & Even though he wasn't "my" doctor, I was happy to see him when he got there..who ever he was. He checked my cervix to see how far dilated I was, and I was disappointed when he said I was still only 2cm. They did a test to see if it was really my water that broke (duh people! couldn't understand why no one believed me!) and when they confirmed that it was..the doc checked my contractions & said that I was contracting regularly and strongly, so they were going to wait it out & see if I could dilate more on my own. A couple hours went by, the nurse checked me again..and I was at 4cm! Woo hoo! I was sooo excited! She said that I could get my epidural at this time if I wanted it, so I agreed..but I still don't really know why, my contractions didn't even really hurt me that bad.

The epidural was seriously the worst part of my labor. They made every one leave the room, and as soon as Jake left..I wanted to cry, and I got a contraction out of no where that felt like someone just stabbed me with 6000 knifes. The epidural hurt 500 times worse. & Once it was in, it didn't even work right. My right side was completely numb..and the other side I felt everything. My whole left side was like restless for 2 hours..I couldn't stop squirming and whining, it felt like horrible growing pains on the whole left side of my was miserable. I finally convinced someone to fix it, and who ever that lady was...she was my angel. She fixed whatever was wrong & all was well from then on out :)

Another 3 hours had gone by, and I hadn't dilated anymore. They gave me some pitocin to help me dilate more, but it didn't help. The rest of the night was a blur. All my family & close friends stayed all night long, and I remember laughing at all them & being so jealous when they ate Wendy's. Jake was cracking me up all night, I was reading some parts of "The Pact"..the remainder of my labor (thankfully!) was very calm, relaxed, and enjoyable. Yes..I just say that my labor was enjoyable!

Finally around 5am, I was in the room with Jake's mom & Sam. Out of no where - I felt like I was going to puke. I got the chills, I started shivering & my teeth were chattering, they said my face went white & I was like um, I think I'm going to puke. Jake's mom handed me a barf bucket & Sam went to get the nurse. The nurse came in & said that it could be a sign that I was ready to push, so she wanted to check me to see how far dilated I was. Right away she said Oh yeah, your ready to push! I freaked. We all freaked, every one was so excited!

Everyone said good luck & left the room. It was Jake, me, my mom, and the nurse. They wheeled in the little baby warmer and started getting everything ready for her. It was so surreal. I couldn't tell when I needed to push because my epidural was so strong, so she had to watch the chart and tell me when to start pushing.

I pushed for about 10 minutes, then the doctor came. Pushed for another 10 minutes and...

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She was here! Born at 5:26am, weighing in at 7lbs 1oz, 19inches long.

It was so surreal. Thats really the only way I knew how to explain it. The first thing I said was oh my god look at her! she's so tiny! she looks just like you babe!

The nurse kept telling me to rub her back, but I couldn't even pay attention to her..I was so caught up with this baby all I did was cry and stare at her and kiss her face.

The pulled her off to the warmer, and Jake was like "she's so cute! and it's not even just because she's mine..she's really cute!!" I looked over at her in the warmer & saw her bright eyes looking around the room & was like "she really is beautiful! look at her!" and Jake was like "can you believe we made her? I made her! She came from me!" He was so excited. I was my own little world. It was magical. My mom just kept kissing me & hugging Jake and telling us thank you for letting her be apart of was so beautiful.

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& she still is just as beautiful..

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Sweet baby, Daddy and I have no idea where the past year has gone. Your changing & growing & learning new things every day. You are a true blessing to us, and we thank the heavens above for you ever single day. You are just the most perfect little miracle I've ever experienced. I can't wait to be your Mama forever, and spend many many many many many more special birthdays with you. I will always remember the night at Harbor Hospital where you forever changed my whole world and made me see raw, pure, and true love. We love you big girl!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

This time last year, Part 1

This time last year...

It was Saturday, September 26th at 1:14am. I was still awake, laying in bed with an achy back and a crampy had become impossible to sleep around this time! We were living with Jake's mom on Cork Lane in Pasadena, Maryland. I had given up on sleep, turned the investigation discovery channel on low (trying not to disturb my sleepy boyfriend beside me) and had the laptop propped up on my humongous belly.

Earlier that day (well, Friday), my friend Sam and I had took a day trip to Columbia Mall. In hopes of getting me more dilated from walking so much. And oh, we did some walking! We were at that mall for 4 hours! We looked in probably every store, and I was constantly saying I can't wait to be skinny enough to fit in this stuff again! and then we'd go in the baby stores..ohh, the baby stores. I gushed over the little girl things & just couldn't wait to meet my little teeny tiny baby. We drank Starbucks (mine was a vanilla frapp, coffee free :P) and stuffed our faces with Panera Bread. I remember we were drinking Starbucks outside..and that it had actually felt pretty chilly so we went back to the tables inside (wish the weather was like that this year!) Later that night her and I had Wendy's for dinner (my ADDICTION during pregnancy!) and met up to hang out with Jake, and her boyfriend Chance. I don't remember exactly what we were doing, but we were at Jake's house when I had to get up to go pee (the norm, I was peeing every 30 mins at this point) but this time, it was different...*TMI ALERT* I had lost my mucus plug! I was super excited, but was afraid to get too excited and jinx myself, so I didn't tell anyone. I think later in the night, I said to Jake - I think I might of lost my mucus plug earlier..but he wasn't too enthused since I always thought something significant was happening, when it actually wasn't, lol..typical pregnant lady!

Fast forward to Saturday at 1am again....

The night was full of restless sleep & aching legs, back, and belly..this had been going on for about a week now so it wasn't something new.

When morning came, I wanted to punch my god for sakin' alarm clock that kept beeping. I was so exhausted. I swore that morning that I'd never felt so sleepy in my entire life. But..eventually I drug my pregnant ass out of bed. Jake and I had plans to go see his nephews play football that morning, and despite my drugged feeling self...I was excited to see them play. I threw my hair up in a pony tail, threw on an ugly yellow Tshirt & some grey yoga pants. I kept saying to Jake all morning how I just didn't feel like myself. I felt like total crap. & I couldn't really explain what it was that was bothering me..I just felt, yuck. I said something that made him crack up as we were parking the car (can't remember what for the life of me!) and then we started walking over to the field. When we finally made it over to some familiar faces, Jake's dad offered me his chair, he was like "wow Britt, you look really tired..have a seat!" but me, being me, refused. I stood there, feeling completely miserable. I was telling Jake's sister how I thought I was getting sick, and she was like "or you could just be getting ready to have the baby today!" she said with a huge, jokingly smile. I brushed it off as a yea, I wish! and that was the last we talked about it. All I can really remember about the game besides that is the seafood restaurant across the street. Oh my goodness. Jake's dad said something like "Boy, those crabs really smell good don't they!?" took all I had not to run across the busy street and break into their kitchen & steal some hot, steamy, old bay covered crabs. Mmmm, I can still smell them...

Later in the day Jake and I had planned on getting Abby's car seat installed by our local police department. Jake was driving my car..and every single police barrack that we went to said that they didn't have any one certified to do it. I called my friend who was an EMT, I called all over the damn state and could not get this poor baby's car seat installed into my car. I was 39 weeks pregnant, I was achy & felt sick, I was exhausted, and I was beyond words frustrated...needless to say I was in huge sobs of tears. Jake tried telling me it wasn't that big of a deal, that we'd get it done tomorrow..but I argued with him. I'm getting induced tomorrow!! This has to be done TODAY!!!! We finally took the car seat to my mom's house and Jake and my step dad were actually able to get the car seat base in just fine...but it wasn't easy. I remember at some point my mom, step dad, brother, and Jake were all in the back seat of my tiny 2 door car trying to get the base in as tight as it would go, and I was walking away crying. Ha ha. Funny memories..

Eventually the car seat fiasco was over, and thank god..because I was ready to murder someone over that whole ordeal. That night Jake and I had planned on going to dinner to celebrate our last night as baby-less parents. I was supposed to be getting induced the following evening. We were going to go to a fancy seafood restaurant that I'd never been to before..and we never made it there.

After a nap and a shower..I had started to get ready for our date. Jake was in the basement playing xbox (HIS addiction back in the preggo days!) and I was sitting on our bedroom floor straightening my hair in front of our big mirror. I all the sudden felt/herd this *pop* I was like hmm, that's weird. wouldn't it be funny if my water broke? ha ha - and went back to doing my hair. 30 seconds later I adjusted my hips..water gushing had confirmed my jokingly water really had broken!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story tomorrow :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mama on the go

Today was an early start, as my little decided to start her bright and early day at 7am in the morning. *Yawn* That was unexpected, she usually starts her mornings around 9 or 10.

We spent most of the morning/afternoon cleaning the apartment. I actually mopped the kitchen, and Abby took a pretty hard tumble on the soapy tile :( Poor baby! She only cried for a second though, she's a trooper. She took an afternoon bath while I cleaned the bathroom, then her & I started our first dinner in the crock pot!

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It was a success! Deer stew. (Refer to a previous post, hunting season is here..hence the fact that our freezer is full of venison) I chopped up some meat & veggies..mixed McCormick's beef stew seasoning in, added a little brown sugar & a little old bay and voila! Delicious deer stew. Daddy approved :)

Later in the evening after Abby woke up from her nap..I felt bad that we hadn't had much play time earlier in the day due to the cleaning and cooking, so I fed her an early dinner...

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and we headed to Daddy's softball game! & Phew..if that girl didn't get to play earlier, she made up for it later! She is a baby on the go! Which makes me..a mama on the go :) We played with Sammie & Ms. Teressa, she ran in the grass & was so very sad that she couldn't run out on the field with Dada. Trust me, I was this close to letting her. I hate telling that baby no! I don't think the other players would of liked that very much, but I would have gotten a kick out of it :)

She played with Sammie's jewelry and insisted on wearing her Tiffanys necklace. Oh lord, what have I created?

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A true beauty, thats what.

I'm pretty much giving up on cool weather. It was 94 degrees today! Abby and I went to the playground when it got a bit later at the baseball field..and you know its freaking hot when your baby has red cheeks & your wiping sweat from your head at night time! At the end of September? We should have red noses & hoodies! We had fun though, none the less...

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After the game and baby girls bedtime, Jake and I rented a movie and ate some mint chocolate chip ice cream! The movie seemed like it could of been good, but I just didn't get it. I tried..but there was no hope. It jumped around too much & I just couldn't get into it. Russel Crowe is mighty easy on the eyes though, may I add ;)

We headed to bed around 10:30, right when Abby decided it was time for a late night chat. I brought her into bed with us to snuggle, and it worked for about oh..5 minutes. She sat straight up and said "Daaaaaaa da?" Jake and I both burst into laughter, after that she was up. She was babbling and had a funny fascination with Jake for some reason. We played with her for about 10 minutes, then I finally took her back to her crib and she went right back to sleep, no fight about it!

Now, I am awake. Like always. I am so paranoid something is going to go wrong with Abby's party! I had a dream last night that only 10 people showed up. And then another dream that Jake was taking Abby out on the day of her party so that I could get up and make food..but I overslept and missed her whole party! Ahh!! One of my worst nightmares EVER! Please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!

I have an extremely busy weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow is my uncles surprise 50th birthday party, woo hoo..yay for seeing long lost/very missed distant family! Jake and I are also squeezing in shopping for Abby's birthday present in, AND I picked up another overtime night shift. I am going to be one sleepy mama. But gets worse. SUNDAY, months back I made plans to go to Sunday in the Country (a big country concert our local radio station hosts every fall) with my three best friends..turns out I couldn't really afford it once the date came closer, but I have AWESOME friends, and Jackie's Dad bought me a ticket tonight. So sweet of him! But since I really hadn't been planning on going, I'm going to exhausted! But..that's alright. We will make it work & we will have a great time! (they may just have to pull me off the ground when I accidentally fall asleep!) & Then Monday is the big day..

My little girls 1st birthday. I have no idea where the time has gone, she has literally grown up in one little blink of an eye. We are taking her to the aquarium to celebrate her big day..and decided that every year she'll get to pick a cool place she wants to go to on her birthday. Can't wait to see what she choses next year! yes i can, september 2011...take your time getting here, please.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Phew, looks a little better now. Sorry for the previous post..I was pretty dang frustrated!'s whats been up with me today :P

1.) I am turning into a true Dollar General junkie! I'm embarrassed to say, but I used to make fun of my mom for shopping at dollar stores so often! Pshh, silly little me! These stores are GREAT!

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They have the same makeup I use that I usually get at CVS, all for $1 or $2! Incredible! They also have really cute home decor! I went there the other day to see if I could find some cheap paper plates & cups for Abby's birthday party..and was in shock! I got tons of paper plates, cups, balloons, silverware, table cloths, and a super cute autumn wreath for our door..all for $15!

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I'll give you one guess where I went when I was low on makeup today..yep! You got it! The wonderful dollar store! I got my usual $5 liner for $1, and couldn't help myself when I saw 50 cent candles on sale..autumn apple crisp, and it smells amazing! I swear they stole it from Yankee candle..

2) In other news, I'm so sick of people calling Abby a "HE" Just because she's bald, does not mean she is a boy peeps! The other day at the store, Jake and I were letting Abby run up and down the isles, and an old lady came up to her and said "aww, how old is he?" Jake said "she will be 1 on Monday" I mean, she was wearing brown pants & a purple shirt and white & pink shoes! It is not that boyish looking! Then today..Abby and I were taking our daily morning walk, she was wearing brown pants with blue polka dots on them & a blue shirt with pink flowers..same pink & white shoes..and another old lady said "That's great exercise for him!" Ugh! Maybe its just me..but I do not think she looks boyish at all these days! I'm dressing the kid in nothing but pink from now on!

3) I am so horrible. I am feeling so down on myself because of these damn birthday party invitations. Her party is in a little over a week & I am still working on them! It's been such a pain in the ass to get everyones address..I finally got the last of them sent off today, and I forgot ALL of the invites and stamps at my mom's :( Looks like they will be put off yet one more day. Next year PLEASE remind me to start all this party planning months ahead of time!

All in all it was a pretty chill day for Abby and I. Hunting season is we see very little of Jake through out the week but.. thats okay, he'll be back for good in a month or two ;) I started Abs on whole milk this morning. Seems to be going well for her, hasn't had any problems or belly aches..which I'm happy about. I'm sad to be kissing away another little piece of her baby-hood, but good lord..I am so happy we don't have to deal with that dang formula anymore! It smells gross, sticks to everything, the powder gets ALL over our counters & is impossible to scrub off, and its expensive as hell! I breastfed Ab the first month or so of her life, but for multiple reasons I chose to switch over to baby, no way! She will get the boob until she is one :)

We took our morning walk as usual. She is so good and so cute, she walks right by my side & holds my hand with her little fingers. Sometimes she stops & lets go to point to something or run over to something she sees..but then when she's done, she'll stand beside me & hold her hand up for me to hold, like okay mama! lets go! This morning was the first time we saw crunchy leaves :) You have no idea how happy this makes me! Abby liked to crunch her feet on them..and, them. Yuck! I almost died when she lifted one up & chomped down on it, hope no neighborhood doggy pee-pee'd on it!

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It really started to feel like fall this morning. When we left for our walk, it was 68 degrees outside..amazing! I turned off the AC and opened all the windows. There was a wonderful breeze blowing through the apartment all morning. It was splendid :) Splendid until noon hit..and it ranked up to almost 90 again. Wah! Stop teasing me fall! Get here & stay here!

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Thats this weeks forecast. Sigh. Looks like I won't be getting any of my splendid fall weather until maybe Sunday. Boo.

After little missy's afternoon nap we went on a hunt for stamps (711 was the winning spot) and since we were in the area - stopped for a visit at Grandmas! Is it just me..or does gossiping with your mama never get old? Didn't think so :) We gossiped over everything on earth, sipping sweet teas, and both about fell over laughing when I took a huge, giant gulp of what I thought was my ginger ale in her fridge from earlier..when it was really a week old rotten cup of wine! It was sooo gross! My mom thought it was hilarious, and I did too...once I got the taste of spoiled vinegar out of my mouth. We took a walk to the park, and I put Abby in a wagon for the first time! She loved it! She didn't even try to climb out. Just sat on the seat, like a big girl, with her cute little grin. Geez, I love her!

Jackie met us at my mom's & the plan was Panera bread..but we settled for some white mochas from Starbucks instead. Big mistake. I am now wide awake, after midnight & I have work in the morning. And I have to stay late for a stupid 2 hour class. Which means I won't see my baby at all tomorrow, either of them :(



my font is super small..and i have no idea why. i literally just spent an hour trying to get my blog title to be a special font..finally clicked SAVE..and yep, you guessed it! didn't work. i had a cute signature at the bottom of my posts..but its GONE now. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. >:(

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Under Construction, bare with me

Blog is currently under construction :) Sorry for the ugly-ness until I am able to fix it later tonight!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sundays are always my lazy day. We sleep in & stay in our pjs until noon. We usually order take out for dinner..and we maybe take a little trip to the park or to visit family. Its our "simple" day and I love it.

Today was an even better lazy day, since I was so super sleepy from last night & this morning (see previous post) I didn't shower today, I didn't touch my mess of a hair in its crazy bun, I stayed in a huge Tshirt from high school that says "Northeast vs. Cheseapeke Black out - 2006" and ugly grey leggings. Makeup has been smeared under my eyes & I have a gross pimple on my chin that I had no energy to cover up. Somebody out there..please tell me you have these days too?

When I woke up it was just about Abby's nap time, and just in time for some Sunday football! We curled up on the couch & watched the game. I made buffalo chicken dip for the first time..and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It tasted just like a chicken wing :) After the game Abby & I rode up to my aunts house..she was helping me with college stuff and its always a good time visiting with their family anyways.

Abby is seriously SO smart lately! Anything I tell her to say, she just says it! Just today I've taught her "puppy"..which she calls "pup pup" I've taught her how to blow kisses. I taught her "bye bye car" which she calls "byeeeetyc!" lol. & She ate like a horse at my aunts! She had a whole banana, probably a good cup or two of cheerios & a whole grilled cheese! That is a HUGE dinner for her, lol!

That it for now. Sorry this is short & quick just wanted to give a little update :) Work in the morning, shoot me!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

One sleepy mama working the night shift

Hello all. Brittany here from the ungodly hours of night shift at work! Yes, yes..I am the one who has been complaining about my early morning hours & praying that night shift will work out for me again some day soon..but, woo! It's been quite a while. & I am quite sleepy. Currently its 1am, all patients are sleeping, lights are dimmed, its quiet & I am on my third cup of coffee, still fighting the burning sensation on my eyelids. At 4am, I get to start vital signs..but from now to then? Nata. This shift is definitely easier in a sense of theres not as much heavy work..but its much harder to stay up & at 'em! I also feel a headache coming on. Wonderful! Six hours to go..

With that said, I'm trying to find something to keep busy. Keep my mind going so I'm not totally fried with exhaustion when I actually need to use my brain in a couple of hours. So..I have this idea to challenge myself to a list of 100 things, all about me. I saw it on another blog, and have attempted it in the past..and I've decided to try again. Who wouldn't want to know 100 useless facts about me anyways? ;)

1. I have lived in Maryland my whole life, and have never been off the east coast.
2. I am scatterbrained & unorganized. I hate it.
3. Getting old is one of the most depressing things to me. I hope that when I actually get old I'll feel better about it
4. I've let people walk all over me my whole life, mostly because I don't like I usually don't confront someone when they upset me unless its someone I'm really close to.
5. It takes a lot to get me angry, and I can never hold a grudge. Even when I want to.
6. I'm a nerdy book worm. I get excited to go to book stores.
7. My favorite things to watch on TV are Grey's Anatomy, The Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, The Secret Life, Investigation Discovery Channel, and the Discovery Health Channel.
8. I took two years of Spanish in high school, one year of french, and World Language in 6th grade. All I know how to say in another language is "hola"
9. I am 50% Scottish & most of my family still lives in Scotland. I can't wait to visit someday!
10. I am a christian, but not a good one. I wish I went to church more..
11. I've went back and forth between Nursing & Early Childhood Education as my major numerous times
12. I hate math. And it hates me. We do not get along well.
13. English & US History were my favorite classes in high school.
14. I'm a HUGE procrastinator.
15. I was a rebellious teenager & snuck out of the house on a regular basis. I was a pro.
16. I am a terrible test taker. I can study for 12 hours before a test, and still fail it.
17. I enjoy writing, and I had a journal from the time I was eight to fourteen.
18. I really enjoy cooking & baking. A challenging recipe is fun to me.
19. My favorite sit down restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory, fast food is a tie between Quizno's & Taco Bell
20. I drink coffee by the gallons. But other than that..I usually only drink water or diet mountain dew.
21. I am a sucker for some good Italian food, fried pickles, and chinese food. I can never resist.
22. My favorite dessert is strawberry cheesecake or caramel apple pie.
23. I don't drink often, but when I do..I'm a budlight girl. Don't hand me anything else..unless its a white russian :)
24. I'm quick to judge. But I'll give you a chance
25. I like all 4 seasons, but I think fall is my favorite.
26. Holidays are a big deal to me. I get all giddy & excited over all of them
27. I apparently come off as shy & bitchy when you don't know me, but..get to know me. I promise I am neither!
28. I enjoy watching sports. Just don't ask me to play one ;) I will make your team loose! (not purposely, I promise)
29. I like all kinds of movies. Drama, action, comedy, horror.
30. I always play country music, but I'll listen to anything (besides screamo)
31. I miss being pregnant all the time & regret not enjoying it more while I was.
32. My name was Christina until the day before I was born, then my mom changed it to Brittany.
33. I have a bad back. It hurts all the time
34. I hate when people type ghetto. (Lyke DiiSs)
35. Be real with me. Even if its gonna hurt my feelings. I HATE liars.
36. I give second chances much too easily.
37. If you can make me will own my heart.
38. I have an addiction with buying baby clothes. It gets me into trouble.
39. I'm short. Only 5'0, people argue with me that I'm only 4'11
40. Rain makes me weird as it is. I absolutely LOVE waking up to cloudy & rainy mornings on my days off
41. On a warm sunny day, I could literally stay on the beach for hours & hours on end. I love it
42. Some people think I'm funny.
43. My three best friends have been my best friends since I was 12 and 13..and I love how well we all know each other.
44. I have a terrible sense of direction.
45. People who can sing really well kind of fascinate me.
46. I like to watch people play guitar. Especially hot guys :p
47. I read Cosmopolitan like its my damn job. LOVE that magazine!
48. When I was little I wanted to be a farmer so that I could always be around animals :)
49. Bananas, grape fruit, tangerines, and peaches are my favorite fruits.
50. I should wear glasses, but I don't.
51. I am a dog person. Puppies completely melt me.
52. I am the biggest sap ever! Commercials have made me cry before..
53. Its hard for me to say no to others. I don't like disappointing people or letting them down.
54. I sing like an idiot when I'm in the car alone. & Dance like a retard with my daughter at home..all the time!
55. I am not a morning person.
56. I HATE bugs.
57. My daughter is perfect in every single way. I look forward to future with her :)
58. I love pictures, and am dying for an Canon Rebel.
59. I over analyze everything..and always wonder "what if"
60. The Lion King & Mary Poppins are my favorite Disney movies.
61. I used to watch Pirates of the Caribbean every night while I was falling asleep the first year that I saw it. I'm still not sick of it.
62. Sometimes I miss being a waitress! But I'm glad I got into health care..
63. Flip cup is my favorite drinking game. I'm a bit rusty these days...but I'll stick kick your ass!
64. Beliving that everything happens for a reason keeps me sane.
65. I read my horoscope every day.
66. Serial Killers fascinate me and I would LOVE to work with them.
67. I worked in an inpatient psych unit when I first got my CNA & I miss it every single day.
68. I rub my feet together at night when I'm trying to fall asleep.
69. I don't get bored very easily.
70. Attention hogs & people who always think their right annoy me.
71. I had to sing "Because you loved me" by Celine Dion in high school in front of my WHOLE chours class with one other girl. Tons of people told me I was an awesome singer. But I still don't believe them :p
72. I'm gullible.
73. I MISS being a little kid & care free sooo much..
74. I believe in Karma & that every one will eventually get what they deserve, good or bad.
75. One of my favorite quotes of all time is "So, whole point is - no fate. There IS fate, but it only gets you so far. Once your there..its up to you to make it happen" - Can't Hardly Wait
76. I am ready to make a big change in my life..I just don't know what it is. I think I want to move out of state..but i'm afraid I'll miss my family too much.
77. Sometimes before bed I throw my comforter & pillow cases in the dryer for 20 minutes. I love it :)
78. I enjoy alone time. But only for limited time periods. I'd rather be around people
79. My favorite scent is Jake's cologne. He never wears it anymore, so when he reminds me of when we first started dating.
80. I don't really like fish, the smell grosses me out. The only kind of fish I really like is Mahi Mahi
81. I swear I'm allergic to grass. Every time I walk in it with bare feet my feet get red & itchy
82. I am a romantic at heart.
83. I love ramen noodles. I put old bay in mine :)
84. I am extremely tired right now..and this list is hard work.
85. I have naturally curly & frizzy hair. I'm jealous of people who can just blow dry their hair & walk out the door
86. I wish I could walk better in heels..because I love them.
87. I like wearing scarves.
88. My favorite part about my job is drawing blood. I'm good at it :)
89. I used to want to work in shock trauma because I enjoyed the adrenalin rush of crazy situations with patients.

GAH I think I have officially NEVER been this tired before. I can't stare at this computer screen any longer. I must go do something with myself. Time for a new cup of coffee. I'll be back to update the rest!

*I'm back! I ended up being able to stay pretty busy after I logged off last night. I made it home without falling asleep at the wheel, got some Mcdonalds breakfast, came home with all intentions of staying up so that I could get back on a day shift schedule, watched 15 minutes of teen mom...and thats all I remember. I vegally remember Jake bringing Abby out in to the living room (where I fell asleep, I was on the couch) around 9:30..I remember trying to pick her up & my arms felt like jello. My legs felt weak too & I just literally felt like I was going to collapse if I didn't lay back down any second. So..I shut myself in the bedroom, hung blankets over the windows..and crashed. For some reason it wasn't a very good sleep & I couldn't stay in bed any later than 12pm. So, I'm hoping I'll be able to make it to bed on time tonight, since I have to be back at work at 7am again tomorrow! Oh, the joys over overtime!

Without further ado, here is the rest of my list I promised I'd finish:

90. I am extremely ticklish, and will probably have a laughing attack if you even attempt to tickle me.
91. Pedicures are enough to make my whole day better.
92. I've been wanting to put a purple or pink streak in my hair for about a year. Underneath & hidden..but I think it will make me look like a trashy mom! lol
93. I said earlier that my drinks of choice are bud light & white russians. but I forgot about Sangeria. Good lord, do not put that in front of me. for the sake of us all.
94. I HATE druggies. Get a life, losers.
95. I'm not the best housekeeper. I despise doing laundry & dishes.
96. I wear pink sugar perfume all the time. I'd say its my signature smell
97. I love Victoria's Secret lotions & body spray.
98. In my family..a bubble bath can cure anything. If your sick, angry, sad, hurting, have a headache, crying, aunt, mom, grandmother, cousins, & myself will tell you "aww, go take a nice warm chub" yes, we call a bath a chub. no idea where it came from. and yes..we are weird :)
99. I love horse back riding. But I haven't in years..
100. I, for the life of me..can not think of the 100th fact. Oh well :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

monday, tuesday, wednesday

I really may dislike many things about my job. I dislike the drive, I dislike the lack of income, I dislike the long days, I dislike getting worked like a slave..I hate it all. But the very, very, very best part of it all, that makes up for every single down fall? The fact that it lets me be home with my baby four days a week. The past three days as a stay at home mama have been magnificent.


Abby & I woke up and took a walk around the neighborhood. No, not a push in the stroller around the block walk..a real walk. Because she walks now, duh. We walk hand in hand, stopping every 5 steps so my little girl can point to something and say "what's that?" thats a tree baby "what's that?" that's the sidewalk angel. "what's that?" a leaf. "whats that?" a bye-bye car. "whats that?" that's the grass sweetie. Our WHOLE walk we had this conversation, it was adorable :) She loves airplanes now, too! Every time we see one when were outside she stops what she's doing, stands up, and point to the sky..I squat down with her & tell her "Airplanes, Ab!" We spotted quite a few on our walk!

Tiger In The Sky Pictures, Images and Photos

other than that our Monday was pretty boring. I had to run up to work to turn in some paper work, and after that we hung around outside & in the house with Dada. Around 7 we headed up to my mom's work to have a late dinner! it is one of our favorite restaurants, plus we get a huge discount being family :) my mom has worked there for over 12 years, so every time we go eat..its really just like visiting old friends. Jake had the wings of fire & crab soup for dinner (his usual) and I went out on a limb and tried some veggie lasgana, which wasn't great..but it worked. we let Ab try grilled cheese for the first time and she loved it! chomped the whole thing right down!

after dinner & bedtime for was Football time! the first RAVENS game of the season! cold beers on the couch is a big downgrade from our past football festivities, but this was even better ♥

#1 BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD! Pictures, Images and Photos


After breakfast, Abby and I headed downstairs for yet another morning walk (its our new "thing") but after a few minutes of being outside..I thought what the heck, we jumped in the car & got an early start on the day. I hadn't even showered and was rocking out an old pair of jeans & a ravens jersey..but off to Grandma's house we went! Since Abby has been liking the airplanes so much lately, we decided to take a trip to the airplane park! It's a cute little park, right on the runways from the can sit & watch the planes take off! (I couldn't help but hum i'm just sitting out here watching airplanes, take off, and fllllllllly! the whole time we were there :p) It seemed like a great idea until we got there & realized that the planes were taking off on a different runway that day, and that there was a billion bratty kids taking over the whole park. Honestly..god help me when Abby is old enough to want to play at these playgrounds. I love them, I really do. But people do not know how to control their kids! I had to snatch Abby out of there after a few minutes of being stampeded and kids bashing into me..those kids were taking us down! REALLY hoping that it doesn't bother me as much when she's old enough to hold her own!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

after the park and a quick stop at Wendys for lunch...i came across my mom's old camera. Oh-my-god. she let me borrow it to upload the pics to my computer. can i tell you how depressing these pictures are? oh, where has the time gone?

Vacation 2009 - 7 months pregnant
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My Baby Shower - I was simply beaming this day ♥
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pictures of my labor, ones that I have never ever seen!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

...wiping tears from my eyes. *snif, snif*

after finding all these amazing pictures..Abby and I headed over to Jackie's house to meet up with her & our old friend Jenna! Haven't seen her since high school, but I can still say she's one of the best people I know. Haven't seen her in almost 3 years, but when ever I need someone to talk to..she's totally one of my go-to people. She sent Abby a huge package when she was born, and is always asking how we all are doing. She is a very true friend to me, and I was so excited for her to be in the area so that I could actually see her! It was a great mini reunion between the three...well, four ;) of us. I was happy that Abby got to meet her. My little was super sleepy at this point, and took a huge nap in Jackie's room while us girls caught up and laughed over silly things. it was a really good time..doing pretty much nothing! We're considering having a girls wine night sometime this weekend after babies are in bed :)

finally..our last stop, Stride Rite ♥

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jake and I got our baby girl her first pair of real walkin' shoes!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
she measured at a 4 and a half, so we went with getting her a 5. we were in & out within 10 minutes which really surprised me! i expected to be there all day long. my camera died, so i didn't get to get pictures of her trying to walk in them..but it was hilarious! she was taking giant baby steps, like a little horse trying to walk for the first time :p she adjusted quickly though. didn't even try to rip them off..which surprised me too. i'd say she likes 'em! :)


today as been a lazy day..and I am dreading work in the morning. we took our morning walk, in her new big girl shoes! had our same conversation as Monday, and watched more airplanes ♥ had an urge to bake today..and went with Ice Cream Sundae Brownies, a recipe I got offline..let me know if you want it! they were yummy and took care of the "i need to make something" kick.

today..also marks the beginning of hunting season. meaning that my boyfriend will now be MIA for the next 3 or 4 months or so. & while its gross..i support my man and the sport. so here ya go you outdoors men out sweeties first catch of the season:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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