Friday, September 10, 2010

Fridays & Early Autumn

Fridays are just so easy to enjoy when you know you have to work all weekend :) *Yaaaaaawn* I'm sleepy just thinking about it.

Abby is really on a strange sleeping schedule lately. She usually wakes up in the middle of the night & needs some soothing back to sleep, wakes up around 7:30am, again at 8:30, and then will go back to sleep until 11:30, and then doesn't want to nap all day long. It's making me a crazy woman! But at least we've been sleeping in! Not complaining about that part.

She is so stinkin' cute though. She walks ALL the time now, it's almost funny looking when we catch her crawling to get something. We really need to get this kid some real walkin' shoes..she's just aching to walk every where, even when we're out now! We're probably going to go get her feet measured Monday. I'm excited! She also talks like an Sam would put it. She babbles ALL the time, and its hilarious. I'm currently waiting for her to send me the video we took of it tonight..too funny! Her hair is really growing (finally) and she actually has TWO curls now instead of just one on the back of her head :) Molars are coming in & she is just getting toooooo big!

it's so close i can taste it. pumpkin pies & hayrides are in our VERY near future :) i woke up to a chilly apartment this morning. i wrapped up in my robe and checked the temp..68 degrees at 11 in the afternoon...Ahhhh! it was heaven. it was so chilly that Abby had to rock out her Piggy slippers for breakfast :p

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we played at the park in our apartment complex today..and she threw her first temper tantrum when we had to leave! who am i to tell her we can't go back?
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notice that it was chilly enough for long sleeves & tights? tee-hee, i'm loving it. her dress is actually a shirt, in 18months which is entirely too big for her right now..but apparently the kid has no cool weather clothes in her size, yikes! i still think it turned out pretty cute :)

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She's a beaut.

We took her to the puppy store for the first time today! The little dirty shack of a place has always been a hotspot for Jake and i. don't ask me why, but we've always gotten a kick out of hittin' the place up to see some tiny little pups. turns little girl loves bunnies! we let her reach over & touch them..she was totally amazed. a new bunny friend may be in our future ;)

After dinner Abs & I hit up Daddy's Friday night softball game...where he hit a grand slam - go Dada! I was thinking that Abby would probably fall asleep since it was a late game and she had hardly napped all day long - but nope! She enjoyed chatting with girlfriends on the bleachers. That was okay too, after all..she is our entertainment. It was cool enough to wear hoodies & to snuggle a baby girl up in a blankie and cheer on our boys (and Dada's!) she held out most of the game, but during the last inning she just couldn't take it anymore. she was too sleepy, so mama & baby headed out. needless to say it took a whole 10 minutes for her to be knocked out once we curled up at home ♥

Now Jake and I have just finished up some Wendy's for dinner (we're really healthy eaters) He is already in bed & I'm not far behind him. Work in the morning is a dreadful thought. Goodnight world.

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