Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Wednesday's always seem to be complicated for me. It's always my one day off during the week, so it's like I have to schedule everything I have to do during the week into that one little day, it drives me nuts! Things I'm thinking about today...

My hair. I really like myself as a brunette! I haven't got this many compliments in quite a long time, and it's a nice change! I like the way it brings out my eyes & I can change my makeup up a little bit. It was a good decision :)

My car. I hate it.I really freaking hate it. It seems like I can just never get ahead with that thing. Theres always something wrong with it, and I swear it brings me bad luck. I can't wait to get my spacious SUV someday.

Abby. ..has been rotten lately. Nap time & Car rides are her now LEAST favorite things in the whole world. She likes to throw things now-a-days, so each time we lay her down in her crib for nap & bedtime..she chunks her baba & pacie right out of the crib, and then screams because she doesn't have them to fall asleep with. Then, we go into the rescue because lord knows she can't fall asleep without at least one of the two..and then she screams even harder because she see's us and wants to get out. It goes on like this for hours. And car rides? Thats a whole 'nother story. She HATES it. She threw a giant scene in the Wal-Mart parking lot today because she had to get back in. Ugh, talk about embarrassing. Then she does this obnoxious fuss the whole time I'm driving..which makes me want to steer STRAIGHT off the road. However..nonetheless..I freaking love the child to pieces and all the other new cute things she's learning easily make up for her terror moments :)

Money. stresses me the hell out. that's all i have to say about that.

Today Abby and I slept in until 11:30..I think we both needed it. We had a semi-rough start to the day, due to some of her new terror-ness and some other bull crap stuff I had to deal with. However..things are starting to look up for Jake and I. We've been dealing with some issues lately..but the past two nights things have been spectacular and I really feel like we're falling back in love, back to being the two people that we used to be. Keeping my fingers crossed!

When I feel super stressed out like I did today...I always feel the urge to make something. Whether it be a new scrapbook page or a yummy dessert, it's always soothing for me in times of frustration. I guess it keeps my mind off of what ever it is I'm stressing about.

Tonight..I felt like cooking. So, that we did. Abby & I. We made BBQ Chicken, Garlic Bread, and Brocoli & Chicken Noodles. Simple..but it did the trick.

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Oh..and you know how I said Abby really likes to throw things these days?

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..this is what our kitchen floor looks like on a daily basis. guess who the culprit is? (ps- it looks worse in person!!)

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