Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yesterday & Today

Welp, I'm here to update but I'm having a hard time figuring out where to start, so when all else fails...make a list!

happy late humpday, fellow bloggers. & happy morning stretches from my little miss...

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Abby enjoyed some cinnamon toast while I paged through my American Baby magazine

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we enjoyed a nice mama/baby bath in the early morning. I must add how much she loves her bath these days. She stands over the tub, and tippy toe reaches over & tries to touch the water with her little pudgy hands..its so adorable. She'd stay in there all day if I'd let her!

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& I had to snap that last pic. I love, love everything about her while she's wet & soapy in the tub..but I love the back of her head! I'm obsessed with twisting the little bit of curls she has between my fingers..and I never want to forget what it looks like. Ahh I freakin' love this kid.

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Little snuggly girl afterwards curled right up in her crib & went nightys for a couple hours. Me? I continued my house wifey mood through out the day. So, instead of napping with Abs..I stayed up & did laundry, picked up, and showered and got ready...and it felt really good. I think I shall continue this :)

Up there is the little spaghetti face at Friendly's! We met my Grandma for lunch there & she was so good. She ate all her spaghetti right up (and had some strawberries on the side, too!) and had fun throwing EVERY THING within her reach on the floor..and had even more fun watching up pick it up. A lady behind us from Massachusetts (?) gushed over how beautiful she was, and how special she was as well..being she is the first girl in our family in 19 years! I just love meeting friendly people, theres not enough of them in this world!

After lunch we went back to my Aunt's house to visit my cousins & play some more! Abby just adores my cousin Michael and he's so good with her! I've never seen a 12 year old boy love & adore a little baby so much like he does..he's awesome!

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She enjoys taking him for rides in the spinny chair :)

I ran out of gas on the way home, which was a HUGE bummer. Thank goodness Jake stopped over my Aunt's house, and was behind me..there to save the day, as he always is :) Like a good man!

Work Today

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...pretty much sums up how my day went. I was SO busy ALL day long, it was a living HELL. I had a throbbing headache & was downing coffee by the gallons in hopes of it reliving some of the pain.. unsuccessful, just made me super jittery..making me feel 10x worse! I was working with one of the rudest nurses I've ever met in my whole entire career of health care. I was working in the mother/baby unit, I usually love going there but it was crazy today! I'm not totally familiar with the babies..just because I'm not used to doing that all the time like I am med/surg..but I do know what I'm doing..and I come up to an unfamiliar place & do my best and bust my ass all day to help them because THEIR tech called out, and get thank you's & your so great! from every one else..and then this one nurse treats me like I'm nothing, total just kind of got to me. I was SO stressed out as it was and then for her to treat me like shit all day? When I'm there helping HER!? I was really on the verge of tears. It was a horrible day & I am very glad to be home. Needless to say I pretty much ran out of the building at 7:30 on the dot!

On a happier supervisor came to see me today & wants me to become certified to be a baby tech. Meaning I would mostly work in mother/baby and pediatrics and the newborn nursery! Because I'm good, and they like me..I was one of the three she chose to do so :) Which works out great, because once I get my RN (someday..) I want to do L& this will help tons! I should take this & shove it up that nasty nurses ass :) Looks like she'll be seeing more of ME! ;)

Right Now

Image and video hosting by TinyPic what I'm enjoying right now. cookies & milk and some quiet Abby is in bed & Jake went out to watch the Ravens game with some friends. i'm waiting for the Jersey Shore to come on and then hitting the sack myself. Good night :)

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