Friday, September 24, 2010

Mama on the go

Today was an early start, as my little decided to start her bright and early day at 7am in the morning. *Yawn* That was unexpected, she usually starts her mornings around 9 or 10.

We spent most of the morning/afternoon cleaning the apartment. I actually mopped the kitchen, and Abby took a pretty hard tumble on the soapy tile :( Poor baby! She only cried for a second though, she's a trooper. She took an afternoon bath while I cleaned the bathroom, then her & I started our first dinner in the crock pot!

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It was a success! Deer stew. (Refer to a previous post, hunting season is here..hence the fact that our freezer is full of venison) I chopped up some meat & veggies..mixed McCormick's beef stew seasoning in, added a little brown sugar & a little old bay and voila! Delicious deer stew. Daddy approved :)

Later in the evening after Abby woke up from her nap..I felt bad that we hadn't had much play time earlier in the day due to the cleaning and cooking, so I fed her an early dinner...

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and we headed to Daddy's softball game! & Phew..if that girl didn't get to play earlier, she made up for it later! She is a baby on the go! Which makes me..a mama on the go :) We played with Sammie & Ms. Teressa, she ran in the grass & was so very sad that she couldn't run out on the field with Dada. Trust me, I was this close to letting her. I hate telling that baby no! I don't think the other players would of liked that very much, but I would have gotten a kick out of it :)

She played with Sammie's jewelry and insisted on wearing her Tiffanys necklace. Oh lord, what have I created?

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A true beauty, thats what.

I'm pretty much giving up on cool weather. It was 94 degrees today! Abby and I went to the playground when it got a bit later at the baseball field..and you know its freaking hot when your baby has red cheeks & your wiping sweat from your head at night time! At the end of September? We should have red noses & hoodies! We had fun though, none the less...

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After the game and baby girls bedtime, Jake and I rented a movie and ate some mint chocolate chip ice cream! The movie seemed like it could of been good, but I just didn't get it. I tried..but there was no hope. It jumped around too much & I just couldn't get into it. Russel Crowe is mighty easy on the eyes though, may I add ;)

We headed to bed around 10:30, right when Abby decided it was time for a late night chat. I brought her into bed with us to snuggle, and it worked for about oh..5 minutes. She sat straight up and said "Daaaaaaa da?" Jake and I both burst into laughter, after that she was up. She was babbling and had a funny fascination with Jake for some reason. We played with her for about 10 minutes, then I finally took her back to her crib and she went right back to sleep, no fight about it!

Now, I am awake. Like always. I am so paranoid something is going to go wrong with Abby's party! I had a dream last night that only 10 people showed up. And then another dream that Jake was taking Abby out on the day of her party so that I could get up and make food..but I overslept and missed her whole party! Ahh!! One of my worst nightmares EVER! Please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!

I have an extremely busy weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow is my uncles surprise 50th birthday party, woo hoo..yay for seeing long lost/very missed distant family! Jake and I are also squeezing in shopping for Abby's birthday present in, AND I picked up another overtime night shift. I am going to be one sleepy mama. But gets worse. SUNDAY, months back I made plans to go to Sunday in the Country (a big country concert our local radio station hosts every fall) with my three best friends..turns out I couldn't really afford it once the date came closer, but I have AWESOME friends, and Jackie's Dad bought me a ticket tonight. So sweet of him! But since I really hadn't been planning on going, I'm going to exhausted! But..that's alright. We will make it work & we will have a great time! (they may just have to pull me off the ground when I accidentally fall asleep!) & Then Monday is the big day..

My little girls 1st birthday. I have no idea where the time has gone, she has literally grown up in one little blink of an eye. We are taking her to the aquarium to celebrate her big day..and decided that every year she'll get to pick a cool place she wants to go to on her birthday. Can't wait to see what she choses next year! yes i can, september 2011...take your time getting here, please.

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