Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunday in the Country

Somehow, some wonderful friends convinced me to join them to go to Sunday In The Country this past weekend...bought me a ticket and everything! All would of been great and dandy but..I worked night shift the night before. I got home from work around 8am, and had to meet my friends at 10:45 am. Ahhh I was so sleepy!

But, as I always am...I'm glad I went.

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It was a replay of the Jason Aldean Concert , which if any of you remember..was a total blast!

Our hopes were low when we were leaving to drive there though. It was raining, we were running late, none of us had eaten, we were all just wasn't a smooth morning. However..

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Majority of the day was spent like this. Silly, happy, funny, sunny, and wonderful.

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After tailgating on Whitney's mustang for about an hour, we headed into the pavilion and waited for the show to get started. The sun came out, and it was HOT and we were directly under the sun..all dressed for rainy & chilly weather. The couple of beers that I had drank during tailgating hour went straight to me due to my lack of sleep & food. I was exhausted. I laid right on our blanket and took a nap. I didn't even care, I needed it.

Once I woke up & the show got started, all was great. We laughed, we know, the whole 9 yards :)

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I later ran into my cousins, which was totally exciting considering I literally haven't seen them in 4 or 5 years!!

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We were there ALL DAY LONG. We left at 11am, and didn't get home until 10:30pm. Needless to say, I got home & totally crashed. This was three days ago..and I'm still feeling it. Back to work in the morning, birthday party shopping Friday, Abby's Birthday party Saturday & back to work again on Sunday. Exciting! But....*Yaaaaaaaawn*

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