Friday, October 1, 2010

October! :)

Happy October all! My favorite month of the year has finally arrived! Like my song? ;)

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Today Jackie and I sipped Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte's to celebrate our favorite season! Yumm...

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Mama & baby have been on the go today! ..since 7am. My baby used to be such my little sleeper iner! The past week or so she's been waking up at 8am or earlier. Yawn! But I'm adjusting. We spent the morning with open windows and a/c off. It was overcast, rainy, and chilly. We had breakfast, played for awhile, did some laundry, and took a shower together. She also used to love showers..not so much anymore. She fussed the whole time until I let her get out! After shower was nap time for baby, and mama! I wanted to finish getting ready while she was sleeping..but I said ehh screw it, it was raining after all...that's always a perfect excuse to take a nap ;)

Anyways..after nap time, we headed out to find some party decorations. We hit up the Dollar Tree at first and got the basics (napkins, table cloths, cups, etc.) all in pink and white! Later we stopped by Party City to pick up the super cute stuff, like center pieces, banners...ya know!

For some reason all that took HOURS. Abby was such a good girl, so we headed home to play for a bit, have some lunch, and take a little baby girl nap.

About an hour later we headed to the grocery store, where we met Dada..where we shopped for the food for the party tomorrow!

FINALLY..we got home, threw the pork bbq in the crock pot..and headed to the mall with Jackie. I needed to find an outfit & I needed to get a sweater and shoes for Abs. After shopping we treated ourselves to some dinner at Chevy's. I got the Grilled Fajita Shrimp Salad...mmmmmmmm, never fails. If I could only find a picture. Trust me, your mouth would be watering.

Now I'm home! Sorry this is so random & squised together but I'm SLEEPY and I don't feel like thinking and organizing words. And..I have pictures from today but I left my camera in the car and I'm too lazy to walk out there to get it. So, currently I'm finishing my Chevy's leftovers, and watching Silence of the Lambs (duh..its October, Scary movie time!) ...and, its 12:30am. AND I still have to make spinach dip and pasta for the morning.

.....GOODBYE. wish me some sleep!

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