Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can't get enough of it.

I'm sorry..I know I'm getting annoying. But I really just can't get enough of this

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I must have been born in October for a reason. It's because we were meant to be, October and I. We fell in love on October 30th 1990..and its only gotten better since.

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Abby and I took our first mini trip to a farm today. Papa Johns farm that is, just a little place right down the road from our apartment..but, we still had fun.

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We ran through pumpkin patches, looked through fresh produce & said hi to animals in the barn.

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For the sake of the season, we headed out with a bag of red delicious apples, a mini pumpkin that Abby picked out, and a fresh jug of apple cider. Once we got home, your girl right here attempted her first home made apple pie.

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It tasted yummy..but it wasn't too pretty. Okay, it was freaking ugly. Which is why I am not posting a picture :) I got Jackie's approval though, she stopped by on her way home from work for a visit and thought the pie was least it tasted yummy. & Speaking of cooking disasters, I bought GREEN meat from the grocery store tonight, ew! Jake has been begging me to make his favorite dinner for weeks now..ground beef & gravy with noodles. So, I finally gave in and was going to make it...and of course! I open the package and realize its green and sour. Gross. We settled with deer meat as a substitute, but I wasn't exactly satisfied with how it turned out. Jake liked it, but I think he was just being nice :p

In the world of Abby - she is totally excited about her new fish tank she got for her birthday! She comes up to me several times a day, reaches her arms up for me, and says "beesh! beesh!"..because she wants to go look at her new fishy tank! Its soo cute. & So is she :)

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In the world of Abby con. - bedtime is no longer something she's a fan of. The little pistol was up until almost midnight tonight. We fought bedtime for almost 4 hours, it was emotionally draining for all of us. One time, I tried to let her "cry it out" for a few minutes, and she was crying so hard by the time I got in there that she could hardly catch her breath. It totally broke me, and I cried with her. I have NEVER seen her like this before. Finally, I turned out all the lights in the living room & we cuddled on the couch, watching Mickey Mouse. She was restless, and obviously, I tried one last time to lay her back down in her crib, and her eyes closed automatically. *Sigh of relief* Not for me though, for her. I tip toed out of her room and sat on the floor outside her bedroom for almost 10 minutes. Waiting to her a fuss, hoping she'd let herself sleep..all with my head in my hands & feeling so guilty about the whole thing. I know it wasn't "my" fault it was such a rough night, but I still feel so bad. I hope that she doesn't fall asleep and think I didn't want her or love her, I just wanted the poor little exhausted baby to fall asleep. I hope that she's not sick and I hope that she knows how much I love her, and how seeing her so upset tears me apart. I want to go into her room and pick her up, tell her that I'm sorry that tonight didn't go as smoothly as it usually does but I still love her all the same. *Sigh of mommy sadness* Tomorrow will be a better day, and in a lighter note - I sure hope this means we're sleeping in, in the morning!

Right now I'm sleepy..but I don't want to go to bed. I really miss having a TV in our bedroom. When we we're living at his mom's that was my lullaby..the TV. I never have watched too many shows, besides at whole life, I've never been able to sleep without it being on. So, going to lay in bed in a dark and quiet bedroom never sounds appealing until I'm out of this world exhausted. I usually toss and turn for at least a half hour, until I finally settle myself down to sleep. So, tonight..I'm going in to kiss Jake, and making a bed on the couch. The sliding glass door is open , its chilly and I have our warm quilt thrown over me, along with a cup of hot apple cider. My new "harvest apple" candle is flickering in the kitchen..and its unusually cozy in here. I think my heavy eyes & urge to watch TV are calling me now..

Goodnight :)

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  1. We have that same fishtank but in black! Roree loves it too!



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