Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Phew, looks a little better now. Sorry for the previous post..I was pretty dang frustrated!'s whats been up with me today :P

1.) I am turning into a true Dollar General junkie! I'm embarrassed to say, but I used to make fun of my mom for shopping at dollar stores so often! Pshh, silly little me! These stores are GREAT!

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They have the same makeup I use that I usually get at CVS, all for $1 or $2! Incredible! They also have really cute home decor! I went there the other day to see if I could find some cheap paper plates & cups for Abby's birthday party..and was in shock! I got tons of paper plates, cups, balloons, silverware, table cloths, and a super cute autumn wreath for our door..all for $15!

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I'll give you one guess where I went when I was low on makeup today..yep! You got it! The wonderful dollar store! I got my usual $5 liner for $1, and couldn't help myself when I saw 50 cent candles on sale..autumn apple crisp, and it smells amazing! I swear they stole it from Yankee candle..

2) In other news, I'm so sick of people calling Abby a "HE" Just because she's bald, does not mean she is a boy peeps! The other day at the store, Jake and I were letting Abby run up and down the isles, and an old lady came up to her and said "aww, how old is he?" Jake said "she will be 1 on Monday" I mean, she was wearing brown pants & a purple shirt and white & pink shoes! It is not that boyish looking! Then today..Abby and I were taking our daily morning walk, she was wearing brown pants with blue polka dots on them & a blue shirt with pink flowers..same pink & white shoes..and another old lady said "That's great exercise for him!" Ugh! Maybe its just me..but I do not think she looks boyish at all these days! I'm dressing the kid in nothing but pink from now on!

3) I am so horrible. I am feeling so down on myself because of these damn birthday party invitations. Her party is in a little over a week & I am still working on them! It's been such a pain in the ass to get everyones address..I finally got the last of them sent off today, and I forgot ALL of the invites and stamps at my mom's :( Looks like they will be put off yet one more day. Next year PLEASE remind me to start all this party planning months ahead of time!

All in all it was a pretty chill day for Abby and I. Hunting season is we see very little of Jake through out the week but.. thats okay, he'll be back for good in a month or two ;) I started Abs on whole milk this morning. Seems to be going well for her, hasn't had any problems or belly aches..which I'm happy about. I'm sad to be kissing away another little piece of her baby-hood, but good lord..I am so happy we don't have to deal with that dang formula anymore! It smells gross, sticks to everything, the powder gets ALL over our counters & is impossible to scrub off, and its expensive as hell! I breastfed Ab the first month or so of her life, but for multiple reasons I chose to switch over to baby, no way! She will get the boob until she is one :)

We took our morning walk as usual. She is so good and so cute, she walks right by my side & holds my hand with her little fingers. Sometimes she stops & lets go to point to something or run over to something she sees..but then when she's done, she'll stand beside me & hold her hand up for me to hold, like okay mama! lets go! This morning was the first time we saw crunchy leaves :) You have no idea how happy this makes me! Abby liked to crunch her feet on them..and, them. Yuck! I almost died when she lifted one up & chomped down on it, hope no neighborhood doggy pee-pee'd on it!

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It really started to feel like fall this morning. When we left for our walk, it was 68 degrees outside..amazing! I turned off the AC and opened all the windows. There was a wonderful breeze blowing through the apartment all morning. It was splendid :) Splendid until noon hit..and it ranked up to almost 90 again. Wah! Stop teasing me fall! Get here & stay here!

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Thats this weeks forecast. Sigh. Looks like I won't be getting any of my splendid fall weather until maybe Sunday. Boo.

After little missy's afternoon nap we went on a hunt for stamps (711 was the winning spot) and since we were in the area - stopped for a visit at Grandmas! Is it just me..or does gossiping with your mama never get old? Didn't think so :) We gossiped over everything on earth, sipping sweet teas, and both about fell over laughing when I took a huge, giant gulp of what I thought was my ginger ale in her fridge from earlier..when it was really a week old rotten cup of wine! It was sooo gross! My mom thought it was hilarious, and I did too...once I got the taste of spoiled vinegar out of my mouth. We took a walk to the park, and I put Abby in a wagon for the first time! She loved it! She didn't even try to climb out. Just sat on the seat, like a big girl, with her cute little grin. Geez, I love her!

Jackie met us at my mom's & the plan was Panera bread..but we settled for some white mochas from Starbucks instead. Big mistake. I am now wide awake, after midnight & I have work in the morning. And I have to stay late for a stupid 2 hour class. Which means I won't see my baby at all tomorrow, either of them :(


  1. Anybody calling Abby a boy is absolutely crazy SHE is way too pretty to be a boy! but I went through the same thing w/ my daughter since she didn't have much hair until after her 1st birthday--it's always so annoying!

  2. I used to make fun of my mom too but now totally different story. I seems to always check out Dollar General and Dollar Tree before I go anywhere else lol You gotta check out Dollar Tree for party stuff! I never shop at party city anymore.



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