Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sundays are always my lazy day. We sleep in & stay in our pjs until noon. We usually order take out for dinner..and we maybe take a little trip to the park or to visit family. Its our "simple" day and I love it.

Today was an even better lazy day, since I was so super sleepy from last night & this morning (see previous post) I didn't shower today, I didn't touch my mess of a hair in its crazy bun, I stayed in a huge Tshirt from high school that says "Northeast vs. Cheseapeke Black out - 2006" and ugly grey leggings. Makeup has been smeared under my eyes & I have a gross pimple on my chin that I had no energy to cover up. Somebody out there..please tell me you have these days too?

When I woke up it was just about Abby's nap time, and just in time for some Sunday football! We curled up on the couch & watched the game. I made buffalo chicken dip for the first time..and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It tasted just like a chicken wing :) After the game Abby & I rode up to my aunts house..she was helping me with college stuff and its always a good time visiting with their family anyways.

Abby is seriously SO smart lately! Anything I tell her to say, she just says it! Just today I've taught her "puppy"..which she calls "pup pup" I've taught her how to blow kisses. I taught her "bye bye car" which she calls "byeeeetyc!" lol. & She ate like a horse at my aunts! She had a whole banana, probably a good cup or two of cheerios & a whole grilled cheese! That is a HUGE dinner for her, lol!

That it for now. Sorry this is short & quick just wanted to give a little update :) Work in the morning, shoot me!

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