Saturday, September 25, 2010

This time last year, Part 1

This time last year...

It was Saturday, September 26th at 1:14am. I was still awake, laying in bed with an achy back and a crampy had become impossible to sleep around this time! We were living with Jake's mom on Cork Lane in Pasadena, Maryland. I had given up on sleep, turned the investigation discovery channel on low (trying not to disturb my sleepy boyfriend beside me) and had the laptop propped up on my humongous belly.

Earlier that day (well, Friday), my friend Sam and I had took a day trip to Columbia Mall. In hopes of getting me more dilated from walking so much. And oh, we did some walking! We were at that mall for 4 hours! We looked in probably every store, and I was constantly saying I can't wait to be skinny enough to fit in this stuff again! and then we'd go in the baby stores..ohh, the baby stores. I gushed over the little girl things & just couldn't wait to meet my little teeny tiny baby. We drank Starbucks (mine was a vanilla frapp, coffee free :P) and stuffed our faces with Panera Bread. I remember we were drinking Starbucks outside..and that it had actually felt pretty chilly so we went back to the tables inside (wish the weather was like that this year!) Later that night her and I had Wendy's for dinner (my ADDICTION during pregnancy!) and met up to hang out with Jake, and her boyfriend Chance. I don't remember exactly what we were doing, but we were at Jake's house when I had to get up to go pee (the norm, I was peeing every 30 mins at this point) but this time, it was different...*TMI ALERT* I had lost my mucus plug! I was super excited, but was afraid to get too excited and jinx myself, so I didn't tell anyone. I think later in the night, I said to Jake - I think I might of lost my mucus plug earlier..but he wasn't too enthused since I always thought something significant was happening, when it actually wasn't, lol..typical pregnant lady!

Fast forward to Saturday at 1am again....

The night was full of restless sleep & aching legs, back, and belly..this had been going on for about a week now so it wasn't something new.

When morning came, I wanted to punch my god for sakin' alarm clock that kept beeping. I was so exhausted. I swore that morning that I'd never felt so sleepy in my entire life. But..eventually I drug my pregnant ass out of bed. Jake and I had plans to go see his nephews play football that morning, and despite my drugged feeling self...I was excited to see them play. I threw my hair up in a pony tail, threw on an ugly yellow Tshirt & some grey yoga pants. I kept saying to Jake all morning how I just didn't feel like myself. I felt like total crap. & I couldn't really explain what it was that was bothering me..I just felt, yuck. I said something that made him crack up as we were parking the car (can't remember what for the life of me!) and then we started walking over to the field. When we finally made it over to some familiar faces, Jake's dad offered me his chair, he was like "wow Britt, you look really tired..have a seat!" but me, being me, refused. I stood there, feeling completely miserable. I was telling Jake's sister how I thought I was getting sick, and she was like "or you could just be getting ready to have the baby today!" she said with a huge, jokingly smile. I brushed it off as a yea, I wish! and that was the last we talked about it. All I can really remember about the game besides that is the seafood restaurant across the street. Oh my goodness. Jake's dad said something like "Boy, those crabs really smell good don't they!?" took all I had not to run across the busy street and break into their kitchen & steal some hot, steamy, old bay covered crabs. Mmmm, I can still smell them...

Later in the day Jake and I had planned on getting Abby's car seat installed by our local police department. Jake was driving my car..and every single police barrack that we went to said that they didn't have any one certified to do it. I called my friend who was an EMT, I called all over the damn state and could not get this poor baby's car seat installed into my car. I was 39 weeks pregnant, I was achy & felt sick, I was exhausted, and I was beyond words frustrated...needless to say I was in huge sobs of tears. Jake tried telling me it wasn't that big of a deal, that we'd get it done tomorrow..but I argued with him. I'm getting induced tomorrow!! This has to be done TODAY!!!! We finally took the car seat to my mom's house and Jake and my step dad were actually able to get the car seat base in just fine...but it wasn't easy. I remember at some point my mom, step dad, brother, and Jake were all in the back seat of my tiny 2 door car trying to get the base in as tight as it would go, and I was walking away crying. Ha ha. Funny memories..

Eventually the car seat fiasco was over, and thank god..because I was ready to murder someone over that whole ordeal. That night Jake and I had planned on going to dinner to celebrate our last night as baby-less parents. I was supposed to be getting induced the following evening. We were going to go to a fancy seafood restaurant that I'd never been to before..and we never made it there.

After a nap and a shower..I had started to get ready for our date. Jake was in the basement playing xbox (HIS addiction back in the preggo days!) and I was sitting on our bedroom floor straightening my hair in front of our big mirror. I all the sudden felt/herd this *pop* I was like hmm, that's weird. wouldn't it be funny if my water broke? ha ha - and went back to doing my hair. 30 seconds later I adjusted my hips..water gushing had confirmed my jokingly water really had broken!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story tomorrow :)

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