Monday, September 13, 2010

Life as I know it..right now! :)

I spend so much time blogging about Abby & what we do during the day..I figured I'd do a quick little blog update, all about me! :)

what I'm wearing:
a six. or a four, on a good day ;) i'm pretty much back down to what I was pre-pregnancy, give or take a pound or two (okay, okay..5 or 6!) but i'm still working on it..kind of. i lost 20lbs in March, and i'm just so happy about that, that the last 5-10 lbs arn't too huge of a deal to me right now. don't get me wrong or anything..i would kill to be 115lbs again. but for now, 120-125 works too! i'll be a size 4 again. someday :p

what i'm watching:
would it be to cliche to say my favorite shows right now are The Jersey Shore and Teen Mom? ha ha. they totally are though! i want to be best friends with The Situation & i want to hug all the mom's on Teen Mom because i so feel for them. & the best part about these shows, even though their girly..Jake loves them too! we spend our Thursdays & Tuesdays laughing and gossiping at the TV like two girlfriends :p with that said, i'm totally bummed that The Secret Life's summer season is over :( i'm totally addicted to that show & am surely counting down the days until it's winter premiere! :)

what i'm worrying about:
everything. as usual. but i'm mostly worried about Abby (as always!) this is going to sound so dumb..but i just love her SO much and i'm always worried that she doesn't get enough love. even though Jake and I spend all of our time totally clung to her..i'm afraid she doesn't know how much we love her. honestly, it probably will never be possible for us to ever explain what we feel for her, and she'll probably never get it until she grows up & has her own children someday. i've also been worrying about her falling, all the time..every day. ever since she started walking i'm just dying for the day where she clonks her head so hard she screams for an hour, or she cracks into something and needs stitches..gahh, god help me through it when that time does come..i don't know if i'll be able to take it!

what i'm waiting for:
cooler weather. fall, crunchy leaves, pumpkin patches, halloween..all leading up to my FAVORITE season of them all (the holidays..duh!) can NOT come soon enough. all of that this year is going to be so much fun with Abby. of course it was fun last year as well..she was just a teeny tiny & i enjoyed it all more than she did. this year..she will actually have fun too! can't WAIT. with that said..i can't help myself. here's some stuff i'm REALLY excited about in the next upcoming months:
  • taking pictures in a big yellow, orange, and brown leaf pile!
  • going to a pumpkin patch/farm 45 minutes away that I used to go to when i was little, only this year i'm taking Abby :)
  • Jason's Woods with Jake! it's an annual tradition and we always have SO much fun, just the two of us!
  • my birthday! we'll go to dinner as a family, then all of the grown ups are going out to the bars dressed up in our Halloween costumes, being my birthday is Halloweens Eve :p
  • decorating our apartment with autumn decor!
  • taking abby out trick-or-treating for the first time EVER!
  • thanksgiving..yum.
& then I was about to put..starting to drive around looking at Christmas lights, but lets not get ahead of ourselves :p

what i'm dreading:
bills and work. i'm SO sick of working, i'm ready to be a stay at home mom already! especially because work itself is such a pain in my butt. like today..i have to drive all the way up there & drop off all this paperwork, and i have no idea where its at. i've been putting off looking for it and going up there until Jake gets home..but he'll be in here in an hour, yikes! and i'm so over driving into the city every day to pay $$$$$$$$ for parking & tolls. blah! stresses me out even talking about it. oh yea..i'm dreading the fact that my house needs to be cleaned. but i think i shall put that off until Tomorrow :)

what i'm working on:
better sleeping habits..still. i'm doing better, but i still find myself staying up WAY too late on work nights. i'm working on being a better girlfriend to Jake, also. not that i'm a bad girlfriend by any means..i just get so caught up in Abby and work and school and EVERY thing else that i forget my man still needs some luvins too :)

what i need to do now:
read above in the "what i'm dreading" paragraph. BLAH

thanks for reminding me. off to shower & paper working searching i go. then driving to WORK on my day off..ew!

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