Monday, June 28, 2010


Ahh, a day spent running errands. For some strange reason - I don't mind hectic, running all over town, spending too much money days. Is that weird?

Weird or not, my little girl and I enjoy running around together keeping ourselves busy. We woke up for the day around 9:30am, had some breakfast (a banana for me, and some banana oatmeal for Abby - yummy!) and took a bath to get nice and squeaky clean. I did some laundry while little missy crawled around exploring our oh so amazing apartment. Then we were off!

We drove to my work to pick up my paycheck and I had to wake her up when we got there. I love my little sleepy girl. The one who fits so perfectly on my hip and rubs her tired little eyes into my shoulder, peeping around with one eye at all the people. Then we headed to Pasadena to cash the check and stop by my Mom's house. After getting my money I went to 711 to get some gas, and came across the old Iced Coffee machine. We lived in Pasadena when I was pregnant, and despite the dangers of drinking caffeine while pregnant - I craved those iced vanilla coffees like no other. Every once in awhile (with permission from my OB, of course) I would indulge in those cravings and it was oh so beyond words amazing. I couldn't resist - I grabbed the biggest plastic to-go-cup I could find and filled 'er up. Ahh, the memories of a pregnant summer 2009 :)

Anyways - I headed to the cashier with Abs on my hip, my giant iced coffee, and a bag of honey roasted peanuts when I noticed it was raining. No, not even raining..that would be an understatement. It was a torrential downpour. Out of no where! There I was, a baby on my hip, hands full and a whole parking lot to make it across. well, here goes nothing. So off we went. Sprinting across the lot, strangers staring from inside their dry cars, abby bouncing on my side with giant raindrops pounded on her poor little head..all I could think was dear god do NOT let me slip in these rubber flip flops! Well, he must of been watching out for me that day because we made it. I stuck Abs in her car seat and she just kind of looked at me like whats going on? She was soaked. Her car seat was now soaked. Well, its just water. It could be worse.

We made it to my mom's house & regardless how many times I tell her (and myself) we can only stay 5 minutes we always stay longer than 5 minutes. Abby always gets so excited to see her and my little brother, I can't stand to just snatch her away. So we visited for a while and dried off. I drank my awesome coffee and we watched the summer storm. I love summer thunder storms.

After mr.sunshine decided to make his appearance again we headed out to our last stop of the trip - good ol' Wal-mart! Abby drank her baba the whole time as strangers ooh and ahh'd over her as she smiled back and just melted everyone's heart. We got something for dinner, some apple rice for Abby, some new pillows for our couch, ink for the printer, and some other little gadgets that some how added up to a whopping $70. Like I said - spending too much money.

We came home and saw Jake and I made the most delicious tacos for dinner. We played, we took a bath, played some more and then it was nighty times.

For some reason - Abby hates, HATES her crib these days. She's been doing so good with it, her whole life! Now she all the sudden can't stand being trapped in there. She's been sleeping in her swing..can't figure out what it is for the life of me.

Nonetheless, it's bedtime for Mommy too. I have work tomorrow, wah!

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