Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just chillin'

Do you ever sleep so much, that you feel over-tired? Sleepy all day long, even though you just slept a good 12 hours? Ugh, that was me today. It was totally a no shower, hair in a messy bun shoved back with a headband, no makeup besides the leftovers from yesterday, and lounge shorts & tshirt day. But hey - I was comfortable, so I'm not complaining :)

My little one had her 9 month check up today! She is 18lbs 9oz and 29.9 inches long! She is WAY above average in height..which is hilarious because Jake and I are both short. Doc says she is very tall, not too sure who she gets that from, as I'm only 5'0 and Jake is 5'9ish. Little missy is gonna be taller than both of us by the time she's 10 if she keeps this up! She also has 8 teeth, compared to the average 2-4 in her age, lol. What a big girl! On a not-so-happy note, she has a slight ear infection and yeast infection in her mouth :( Either I'm a horrible mother for not picking up on it, or she's an awesome baby who was just putting up with it. She's had a stuffy nose for probably 2 weeks now - I called when I first noticed it & they said to continue suctioning her and cleaning her nose out with saline. Doc says the infection probably traveled to her ears, and the yeast infection is from all the drooling lately. So poor baby has to get 2 different meds now for the next few days. But besides that - she's doing great! She's right where she's supposed to be and doc said she was a pistol..yeah, no kidding! That kid has a personality on her. Oh, and when I left? I made her one year appointment. Her one year appointment. I can not believe that big day is going to be here in a little less than 3 months. Holy crap. It's depressing.

Anyways. I babysat my little brother tonight so my mom and step dad could go out for their wedding anniversary. We went to wal-mart & I finally got some ink for my printer (I've been out for 2 months) so I can finally get back on a roll with my scrap booking. I tried to buy a new USB cord for my camera (to charge it) but apparently I need to go to an actual Kodak store to get one, but I'm DYING without it so I was just going to buy a new battery..but they were out of that too! I was so mad. I need to figure out something by this weekend..there is no way I'm going to be without a camera for Abby's first 4th of July - and this blog will be MUCH more interesting once I have some photos to coordinate in with the words ;)

I made just some plain ol' hamburger helper for dinner. Then we went for a walk. Jake, Abby, Me, Jackie, Jacob, and Lexi did a little mini-tour of the neighborhood. We walked all around the courts, down the roads, down to the trails, and to the park where Lexi and Jacob kicked a random soccer ball around. We had fun but I think I was being too bossy to Jake and I feel bad about it now. I get carried away sometimes and accidentally treat him like one of the kids :( Sorry babe, didn't mean it. Abby started to get sleepy at this point so we headed back home. I layed Abby down to sleep at her swing at my mom's house & made some caramel and chocolate chip cookie bars - they were yummy! Jake went home to go to bed and Jackie and I stalked some people on facebook & gossiped like we were sixteen.

Mama strolled in around midnight & I had to wake my sleepy baby. I felt so bad, but I adored the way her little body clung to me and she layed her head on my chest and fell right back asleep..just like she did when she was a newborn. She passed out as soon as I layed her in the crib when we got home, still in her outfit from today & every thing. I've been debating since I got here weather to take her out & freshen her up a bit - put some Jammie's on her & a fresh diaper..but I'm just going to let her sleep. She's comfortable with her big fluffy blankie and her pacie, if she wasn't..she'd wake up, right?

Now it's 1:30am and I'm still up. I have to work tomorrow and I'm going to be oh so exhausted, so don't expect a post tomorrow night. I work the next day, I probably won't be posting too much that night either. Although Jake does have a softball game that I'm going to after work, so that may perk me up a bit. We'll see :)

Until then, I have bottles to make & a house to straighten up for my dear friend Christina who is helping us so much tomorrow by coming over to watch over my baby..our regular babysitter is on vacation and my mom has to work. Thank you, so much girl. We love you :)

Goodnight word..let's hope that I can stay awake tomorrow!

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