Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ah so I lied, I found time for a blog tonight after all :)

Do you ever have days where you feel like there's a gazillion things you need to do, but you just keep putting them off..and then the procrastination of it makes it 10x worse and once you actually do it your like wow! that was so easy. Why didn't I do it sooner.

Okay, well..yeah, here's some things I REALLY need to get done:

1. I need to do laundry, very badly. I've been putting it off for weeks & my mess of a closet is slowly starting to take over our room. I think Jake is starting to get annoyed but he hasn't said anything about it yet.
2. I need to get my oil changed. Like..REALLY bad. I'm so bad about remembering to do these things (like, I had to get a new motor put in my car last fall because I'm that bad about getting oil changed) I half way wish Jake would just take charge and do it for me. But no. I need to be a big girl.
3. I need to go to the doctors. I've had swollen lymph nodes and a slight sore throat, accompanied by severe fatigue for about 2 weeks now. There's gotta be some sort of an infection brewing in here some where.
4. I need to pay my parking ticket like, today.
5. I need to get money put on my ezpass so I don't have to keep paying the $2 to get through the toll every day to go to work.
6. I must clean my car. Baby blankets & toys, water bottles, papers, random purses and bags, and everything else I own is slowly taking over the whole vehicle. It's kind of starting to get embarrassing.
7. I really, really need to figure out what I'm going to do about this camera! I'm dying without it!
8. I need a new cell phone. No, not even a new one. Just a cell phone in general.
9. I need to scrub our bathroom. Jake's so dirty when he gets home from work (he does HVAC) that our shower needs at least a weekly deep cleaning. I've been avoiding it.
10. I need to loose 10lbs in 2 weeks.
11. I need to get a luggage bag for me and Abby for vacation.

Phew..looks like I've got some crap to get done :/

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