Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm burnt. Working two twelve hour shifts in a row kill me. I'm super sore, and super sleepy. & All I can think about is all the millions of things I have to get done tomorrow before we leave for vacation Sunday morning, and how I don't feel like doing it.

I didn't stop until 11pm today. Woke up at 5am to an EARTHQUAKE! Yes, an earthquake hit Maryland and I felt it, I'm kind of excited. Then got to work by 7am, got off at 7:30pm, headed to the baseball field to meet Jake there with his game, planned on coming home to get Abs & I in bed, ended up staying for both games that didn't end until 10pm. That's okay though, Abby was antsy and sleepy but we were surrounded by great friends who kept me laughing and on a roll, enough energy to chase my baby and walk her all over the sports complex so she'd be calm. Finally got home around 10:30, got Abby in bed by 10:45..and then sat down. And not I can't move. I was moving so much and so quickly I didn't even realize how drained I was.

Pretty much: I'm burnt out & this blog post sucks. Sorry about that. Tomorrow's probably won't be much interesting either, as all I'm going to be doing is laundry & packing my life away. Lots of good things to come with vacation, though :)

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