Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kenny Chesney

So I decided I was going to edit my play list & fill it up with all "summery" songs. It all started with "Toes" by the Zac Brown Band, which I totally love! Then I decided to add some more, and who better to search for summer songs than Kenny Chesney? C'mon, I know all you country girls are out there! I admit I got a little carried away, but I seriously forgot how much I love him & the fact that each and every one of his songs brings back a certain memory. Jake and I saw him in concert last summer when I was pregnant with the Abster and he was great! I'm bummed he's not coming back this summer!

The Kenny Show May 2009
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that was a picture off the big screen, we weren't that close :)

Anything But Mine: This song just screams summer to me. Surprisingly enough, since it's technically a slow love song, and when you think summer, you think fun upbeat songs. I feel like I can see the scene he describes. The carnival by the ocean, the band playing in the background. Sounds pretty dreamy. Just makes me wanna be in love and be free for a night. I think Jake and I may have to play that role at the beach next week :)

When The Sun Goes Down: How can this song not make you love summer? It literally makes me want to sink my toes in sand with a nice cold one, and then continue the nice cold ones once the sun goes down :) Just taking it easy, laying in a hammock where it's nice and breezy. Sounds good to me! This song actually reminds me of 8th grade when I was 13. Me & my girlfriends jammed out to this song all summer long. The last summer we were still little kids I feel like, the summer before high school. Before the boys, before the drama, when ordering Chinese food and playing tricks on the delivery man was the cool thing to do.

Don't Happen Twice: This song reminds me of Jake when we first started dating. He was so dreamy and I was so falling head over heels that summer. We used to ride around in his old jeep with the windows down and this song playing all the time. I had butterflies, and I still remember hearing this song clearly. He was grinning at me, the wind blowing my hair all over, and he reached over and grabbed my hand and kissed it..with this song playing in the background. 3am I fell in love for the first time in my life, oh that's something that just don't happen twice

Beer in Mexico: Another awesome summer song! This really..makes you want to drink a beer in Mexico :p I have no specific memories that come along with this one. Just summer. All summers I jam out to Kenny, this one is always, always on my summer play list :) Let the warm air melt these blues away!

Young: This song reminds me of being young. I know, I know I still am young. Very young. But this reminds me of being sixteen. All of our friends always playing the music in the car way too loud, sneaking around drinking beer in our parent's basement, going to the Friday night football games and scoping out who had the cutest butt in those oh so sexy football pants..and then later rooting on MY football player, Mr. Jake Dungan #25 :) Man I don't know where the time goes, but it sure goes fast!

The Woman With You: This one, yet another..reminds me of Jake. Summer 2006 we must of been on a Kenny kick. I remember hearing this with him, one night driving late at night with the windows down, ice cream in hand..looking over at him thinking it really does feel so good to be the woman with you. As cheesy as it sounds, it's true! It was an amazing feeling to be his. Just when it feels like I can't make it through, it sure feels nice to just be the woman with you ♥

Hey, Hey Good Lookin: Tell me this song doesn't scream a good time! The group who re-did this song did an awesome job. It reminds me of my crazy family, my grandmother especially. When this song came out, I remember being with my Grandma, hey! this is a real old song..but i like this one too! As she starts to sing, puts an arm around my shoulder and forces me to dance with her..right there on her front porch. Barefoot, dancing on the porch with my Grandma under the summer moonlight. Perfection :)

I Go Back: Ugh, talk about depressing. This song came out the summer before I started high school, and I loved it. I was sad to be leaving middle school & moving onto high school, and my mom always told me I'd appreciate it so much more when I was older. Oh, how right she was! This makes me miss high school so much. Even though it's from a guys point of view, I can still appreciate it. It's so true, there's so many songs from my times in high school that literally make me feel like I'm right there, back to being that 15 year old, wide eyed, rebellious, falling for him, nothing matters but my friends type of girl. Growin' up too fast & I do recall, wishing time would stop right in it's tracks..

You Save Me: Surprise! This love one actually doesn't remind me of Jake. It reminds me of my best friend in high school, Jessica. No, we wern't that emotional, sappy best friends who really loved each other - we were just retards, and sang this song in her room all the time into hair brushes, and laughed until we cried. I remember having a funny picture of her up on my Myspace and the caption was: No matter where my reckless soul takes me, baby you save me

You Had Me At Hello: This one really reminds me of Jake. It brings back memories of that awkward friends stage we were in, that you can read all about here. Back when everyone used to instant message instead of text message, on my aim profile I had - You Had Me At Hello ♥ Jake instant messaged me one day, and sent me what my profile said and then Aww, thanks Britt. My heart jumped for two seconds. Because it really was about him! I was falling for him, slowly without even realizing it from the very first day I met him. I clicked with him right away. Then he said, ha, just kidding. Then my heart started beating regularly again :p

And...a certain someone has awoken at midnight & decided she needed to get some more crawlin' & lovin' in before she could call it a night. I shall go tend to my sleepy girl. Night yall :)

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