Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On really, super, duper, HOT weather

We live in Maryland, and sure..summers here are pretty dang hot. Averaging' in the upper 80's to upper 90's. Well today - the whole east coast knocked that out of the water.

Good ol' Millersville, Maryland reached 107 degrees today - yikes! Talk about sweatin' bullets.

It's been hot as hell for the past 3 days. So hot that I've retired my always down and flat ironed hair to a messy bun thing with my bangs bobby pinned back on a daily basis, now it HAS to be hot for me to keep on sportin' this look.

Today was one of those days you wake up, you look out the window and ahh, it looks beautiful outside! Tree leaves beamin', sunshine shinin' - the mornings where you think I am NOT staying in this house today! Then you step outside..and you can't breathe. Literally! It was so humid it felt like breathing the air in was closing up my throat - no joke! I wanted to get out of the house, so I was going to go to this outdoor strip mall that I came across once, that way Abby and I could be outside but inside and cool at the same time..but I couldn't find it (go figure) and it was so hot in the car, even with the AC on that Abby was fussing..and she loves car rides! I had to pull over on the side of the road once to give her a cool bottle, hoping it would cool her down but no such luck :( I felt like a bad mama. So we headed back home, but I finally stopped & checked out this scrapbooking store right down the road from us - to give Ab a mini break from the car seat and to see what kind of stuff they had. Ahh I was in heaven. I could spend some money in that store & it was a good thing I didn't have any cash with me, I would of spent myself broke. I'm so glad I know it's there though! They have every scrapbooking supply you could ever imagine. & With that inspiration I finally finished page #2 of Abby's scrapbook, woo hoo..finally!

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Anyways, it was clearly too hot for Abby and I to be outside at all - so we went home after the scrapbook store. I tried to think of some fun indoor stuff for us to do, but she's just too little for fun inside stuff. She just likes to crawl around & see what she can get into - but hey, that's pretty fun too :) I laid her down for a nap in just a onesie, with a fan on her, and an ice bottle. Literally, a bottle of water, with ice cubes! She cooled off in no time. We took a nap and pretty much just hung out inside for the rest of the blazin' day.

Around evening time, the sun started to set and while it was still ungodly hot it started to become manageable. So we headed over to Jake's grandmother's house to see if the grass needed cut and if the garden needed watering. She's away in Michigan visiting family, his grandfather just passed away about a month ago. Being there makes me sad, but then I feel like I in a way don't have a right to be "sad" because I can only imagine how his immidiate family is feeling. The ones who got to enjoy his company their whole lives. Especially Jake's Grandmother, her peace at mind is still in my thoughts.
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