Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day #1: Driving, Mosquitoes, Unpacking, and Sleep.

I am so tired. Can I say it again. I AM SO FREAKING TIRED. It's been such a long few days. However - I am determined to remember every little detail of this very special first vacation with my girl, and thank goodness we get free wireless Internet where we're staying! Here goes 'nothing! Bare with me, I'm pretty burnt/beat/sluggish/every other world that describes TIRED.
The day started off very smoothly which was a nice surprise. We got up around 9:30 and Jake made Abby some scrambled eggs while I finished getting things together for the trip. About an hour later I kissed my handsome boyfriend goodbye for a couple days (he's not driving down until Tuesday) and hit the road. Not too quite sure how - but we all fit, snug and well.
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Every thing was running right on schedule when I saw the flashing sign. *Accident on 50 East. All lanes closed* Guess what road I needed to take? Yup! You guessed it! 50 east. We sat in traffic for a good hour, maybe going 10 mph. Some crazy cars said forget this and went right across the median!

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Once things got moving again we drove for about 30 minutes and all decided we needed a break from the road. We took a pit stop at Bob Evans and had some yummy brunch and let my baby have a much needed stretch. She was a little bit of a terror. But we didn't mind. We walked her all around and I even let her crawl around on the dirty restaurant floor. Hey, it's not going to kill her..right? And her poor legs had been cramped up for almost 2 hours! We had toys by the billions, and although all she really wanted to do was fling plates off the table and talk so loudly that all the strangers insisted on staring..but we managed. & She was happy. Once the food came my girl had her own meal to eat. I can't believe I have a baby big enough to sit at a table with the family and eat bananas and yogurt. She's growing so fast! But she's oh so much fun. I just adore her.

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After a quick diaper change, we climbed back in the with a v8 Splash and Abby with a nice warm baba - we we're on the road again. My sweet baby slept the whole rest of the trip. Me on the other hand? I was okay. I thought it was going to be torture driving 3+ hours without Jake in the passenger seat to keep me company - but I was alright. I had my Carrie Underwood CD (which I just love) and my brand spankin' new phone to chat on. And when I say new phone, I mean a new phone as in it's new to me, it's not literally new. It's quite old & quite embarrassing actually. It's my mom's old phone from like 2004. Mine got stolen about a month ago & I don't get a free upgrade until Fall, so this was pretty much my only choice. No way in hell would I be able to go all this time without talking to Jake & hey, at least it's something.
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We finally arrived at the beach house around 4:30pm. Since we've been here it's been pretty chill, and I'm not complaining. Abby and I came upstairs to our room and unpacked, and she was super super excited to have a new place to explore. We went outback and saw the beautiful view we had! It's just a little marsh, but we found crabs, little fishies, and shrimp just in a few minutes! Lot's of fun to come with that little patch of water :) Later I tried to do something with myself (fail, I was too lazy to do anything) and we all decided to head to ledo's to get a quick and easy dinner. When all else fails, pizza it is. Abs was a little too antsy to be still in the highchair (can't really blame her - she'd been strapped up all day) so I grabbed her stroller and we went for a little stroll down main street. Beach shops and small town gas stations is all we saw, but was a nice little scenic route :) After dinner, none of could wait all the way until tomorrow to see the beach. We just had to drive there tonight. Well, big mistake. It was just starting to get dark out when we got there, and literally as soon as we stepped onto the sand..didn't even get a glance of the ocean yet..we were swarmed with mosquitoes. No, not your average every day mosquito swarm. I have never seen anything like this in my LIFE. I was freaking out because they were flying all in my eyes and mouth and was SO gross. I looked down & saw that there was just TEN little buggers just chomping on Abby's head! My aunt and I freaked. We ran back to the van full speed & shut the doors. That didn't even work, like 50 of them got in with us and were attacking us from all angles. We we're going crazy smashing them left & right! Not even 2 minutes later my cousins Michael and Joey came running back to the car yelling let us in let us in! there's way too many bugs out here, hurry up! So they got in with us and started smashing away too. In the mean time, Abby was just having a goold ol' time sitting in the big girl seat, and she just so happened to poop her pants while all this was going on. We were all sweating bullets, my aunt tried to spray a little bit of bug spray but then very quickly realized that the smell was horrible and we were all about choking to death. It was quite the catastrophe, but it's actually quite hilarious now that I'm re playing it all in my head. We were acting like something was trying to murder us. Hurry! Shut the doors! Quick! There's another one! *SMASH* Brittany there's a whole swarm right by your face! *AHHHHH!* Get Abby, get Abby! Hide her from them! Eeeeeew WHATS that smell! Abby pooped! EW! Maybe they'll go away because it smells so bad! OMG! There's more! Run to your car!

And I'm oh so sorry but I just don't have the energy to add the pictures right now. Sleep has never sounded so amazing & it just keeps calling my name. Hence why this is such a rushed and not so great post. I'll come back and re-edit tomorrow, promise. Night.

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