Monday, July 26, 2010

A New Path

I'm very heavily considering changing my major from Nursing to...Photography. Yes, I know, it's a very dramatic change. But let me explain.

Pictures have always been a major part of my life. I love the stories that pictures tell, I enjoy capturing life on a strip of film. I love editing pictures and making them all funky, or just pretty. My camera is with me at all times, and even when it's not..I find myself thinking in my head that would be a great picture or I really wish I had my camera for this. Even from the time I was about 7, my special surprises from my mom were always a little disposable camera, one in which I clicked away all the memory off of in just a few short days. Then, when I was sixteen and received my first real digital was one of the greatest presents of my life. I took photos non-stop. I've gone through many cameras since then & buying a new one has always been some sort of a high for me. I don't have any great camera, it's just a little sony cyber shot digital..and I'm not great at taking pictures or editing them, but I want to learn more.

I never actually considered a career in photography until 3 days ago. We were on vacation, and I was snapping away with my camera, like always..and my aunt said you take really interesting pictures, you should see if you could make some money off it. I laughed it off, but it really got me to thinking. I am pretty naturally good at taking nice pictures, with no training what so ever. Digital pictures & editing is almost fascinating to me..and I love doing it and think that I would love learning about it even more.

Its almost intimidating. I've been "so sure" that nursing is what I wanted to do since I was a young teenager. But now I'm slowly starting to realize that my real passion may be elsewhere.

So..starting this fall, I plan to start taking digital photography classes at a community college in the city. They offer everything from photoshop classes to printing & landscapes. I'm not sure if they offer a degree in it, but they have at least 20 photography classes. So if I can't choose actual photography as my major, maybe business management? Since my real dream would be to just work for myself, not with some other photography firm.

This is scary. But its real. And exciting :)

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