Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best friends & Updates

"A woman should always know where to go when she needs to relax and be at peace, weather it be a private cabin in the woods or her best friend's kitchen"

I'm totally with the whole best friend's kitchen part..and I did just that tonight with my best friend, but only in my kitchen. Although she was just heading over for an hour or two after Abby was in bed to help me make some food & drinks for a concert we're going to tomorrow..we both knew she'd be here for all hours of the night. She stuck around and watched The Jersey Shore marathon with me and Jake, she went on my late night walmart trip with me, and once we finally started cookin after Jake went to bed around 11, it was a 3 hour long process..filled with more laughter, gossiping, old country songs, and me squatting on the kitchen floor because I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee myself..than there was cooking. & Sometimes..that's all you really need. I don't see any of my close friends too often since I'm always so busy with work and school, and I'd rather spend most of my time with its really nice on nights like tonight, where we just sit and laugh and catch up while my precious baby sleeps in the next room. That's the good stuff.

Tomorrow Jake is having a baby/daddy night & I'm going to the Jason Aldean concert with a couple of my girlfriends. The ticket was free, so I guess it will be fun. But I do have to say, after leaving Abby last Saturday night, and then again tomorrow night...I'll be done spending time away from home for quite awhile. I usually never do things like this, and while I know it's healthy and good to get away sometimes, twice in one week is just a bit much for me :/ I miss her.

Anyways, and update of today & yesterday are as follows:
-I found out the hard way that I could spend thousands at Michaels (a HUGE craft store) & their new fall and halloween display are making me so super excited for the autumn season (but i'm still enjoying summer for now! :p)
-I found out about a store right next to Michaels, has really cute..but cheap expensive name brand clothing, and I'm really excited I found it! They have the $30 shampoo I love there for $16. Woo Hoo, you gotta love a good bargain!
- I was also reminded once again how simply amazing a Starbucks White Mocha on ice is & even though I juggle Abby on one hip, a cell phone nudged between my ear & shoulder, and trying to some how push the stroller with the other..all while ordering & picking up the heavenly doesn't even matter. It's so worth it.
-I also last minute planned Abby's baptism, a week from Sunday..yikes! The pastor who I really want to do it (he married my mom & stepdad, married Jake's sister & her husband, and is great friends with my Grandparents) lives out of state at the current time..but he got in touch with me & said that he'd be home the weekend of the 8th and would love to do Abby girl's Baptism if I was able to do it. Needless to say, yesterday was spent calling family members & trying to scramble together some sort of an after party at my mom's..but we have tons of willing participants to help, so I'm hoping it will go as smoothly as possible!
- I stayed up super late last night, and had to work this morning. & Had to leave Abby with daycare :( We only leave her with the daycare lady (who is my best friend's aunt) when none of my close family who watches her when I work can do it. It's always hard to leave her there, I feel like she'll be said being in a place where she doesn't really know anyone. But Jake always says when he picks her up shes in a great I guess she adjusted okay. Needless to say..I was tired, unshowerd, running late, and tired..overly tired because my dumb self decided to take a sleeping pill at 1am to help me fall asleep which totally knocked me out, and made me drained all day long. Oh AND it rained all day. It wasn't the greatest work day of my life.
- I hate working 12 hour shifts because it's always almost 8pm by the time I get home and Abby is soo sleepy, so I only get to spend like an hour tops with her and I hate it :( A LOT.

Well, that's my hodgepodge of updates for now. I need my bed, and more time to spend with my baby girl. & My boyfriend. Ugh...I need some family time! Wah.

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