Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back to work

I did it again. Went to the mall, just to stroll around & so my friend Christina could pick up a couple things she needed. Fail! I'm a shopping addict. It's official. If I have money in my pocket, and there's something I want...I'm getting it. Hence the reason I gave my vacation money to Jake to hide. I did pretty good today, I only got a shirt & some Starbucks and Starbucks shouldn't even count. Because it's so damn amazing & I'm so damn addicted to it year 'round I should just automatically put away $10 a week towards my Coffee fund. Any who, I got this shirt from Papaya, a new store that I've never been in before and wow, it's awesome! & Pretty cheap. Exactly what I need. A nice cute new store with tons of cheap clothes, not! Sometimes I think it's worse when stuff is cheap, ohh I can get more because this is "only" $10, or oh I can add this too, it's only $5! Sound familiar? Yeah, it all adds up pretty quickly doesn't it?

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the cute flip flops i scored for $8 at Target last week :)

Jake took the baby out today so I could relax for a little bit before good ol' work tomorrow. I soaked in the tub & read a cosmo and gave myself a mini mani/pedi. Ahh, relaxing. Now my babies are home & I'm enjoying a whole gallon of Edy's Rootbeer Float ice cream on the couch - yeah, I'm in that kind of mood.

Two days of work then I'm off for vacation. Can't.Freaking.Wait. I need it. I'm hoping it'll do us all some good.

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