Friday, July 9, 2010

Bathing suit shopping in July

Today I went on a hunt for a bathing suit. Epic, epic fail. The plan was, Victoria's Secret. All the way. First of all the they always have the cutest designs, but they have a style for every body type - and being 9 months postpartum, I need something that's going to flatter these curves. Then I thought. I thought that maybe I should be responsible. I should be responsible & save the extra cash for vacation next week. So, I started my day at Target (after sitting in an hour of traffic waiting to get my paycheck, let me add. What fun) which usually has some pretty cute cheapy bathing suits. Well, much for that. Every thing was picked over & nothing was matching, it was a mess. I got a few to try on but we won't even get into that, lets just say I definitely did not buy a bathing suit at Target. However, I did get a cute zebra print beach bag, brown bathing suit cover up, and the new cosmo. So I was pretty excited about that :)

I didn't have time to look for much more, so Abby and I headed to Jake's softball game. They won one game, and lost one. Go Daddy!

Mid-game Sam and I headed to the mall to continue my hunt. We shopped at Macy's, Sears, and PacSun. Once again - epic fail. I contemplated getting a tankini, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I was staring at the rack thinking I never thought that I'd be doing this, even CONSIDERING this. Don't get me wrong, I never had some rockin' bod in the first place, but I was pretty comfortable wearing a bikini. Now a days - not so much. So you'd think I'd want something to cover my stomach, I know, I don't understand it either. It was like stooping to a new level. While plenty of people can rock out tankinis and one pieces and look HOT I just didn't feel like I could be one of them. I felt like a grandma. Sam bickered with me that I was too picky and maybe I am. But hey, this is my first summer after baby. I'm not gonna look great, so I need to find something that at least make me look o-kay.

Moral of story: Don't go bathing suit shopping mid summer and expect to find anything cute. My solution? Victoria's Secret online catalog it is.

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