Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Growing baby

I was asleep this morning, around 4am & heard Abby fussing. I was half asleep thinking Ugh why is she up so early? I was going to let her fuss a few minutes to see if she'd fall back asleep. Then she started happily babbling, thank god. When she doesn't wake up crying she usually goes right back to sleep. Then I realized she sounds awfully clear, and awfully close.

I shot up out of bed & saw her shadow in the door way. I shrieked JAKE! & turned on the light, and there she was! Just strolling in, like nothing was wrong sucking her pacie!

Can you believe it! I was in shock, I think we both about had a heart attack. Since she has the ear infection she's been sleeping in her swing at night, I think it hurts her to lay flat - but still! She was strapped in AND had her tray across her. No idea how she got out, and how she didn't even get hurt! We were laughing so hard, and she was just too proud of herself. I mean, her door was shut, our door was shut..but she knew exactly where we were and how to get to us. She's a smart cookie!

Thank god she came straight to our room, she could of gotten really hurt! We put a fan in her room last night since it was so ungodly hot yesterday, and it was sitting on the floor and everything! The first thing I said when I saw her was oh my god! thank goodness she didn't put her fingers in the fan! How terrible would of that been?

Sheesh. She just keeps on surprising me!

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