Friday, July 2, 2010

Sick mama + Sick baby

We're both sick, the two of us, Abby and I. I'd also take a wild guess and say Jake's not far behind us..

Pumpkin's ear infection has finally caught up with her. You'd never even would of known something was wrong up until today. When I got off work and met Jake and Abby at the field where Jake plays softball - I knew it at first sight. Our dear friend was holding her, Jake was talking to her, and she was fussing. She's beaming when Daddy is around, let alone when someone fun is holding her. I smiled and said Hi, angel baby and she didn't even give me that goober smile back. She just looked me dead in the eye, like I'm so glad your here and basically jumped into my arms. Which just broke my heart. She didn't squirm, she just snuggled and loved me, with her little warm head nestled under my chin. I kissed the top of her head over and over and told her that Mommy was here, and was going to love her and make her feel better. It took all I had when we got home to not toss her up in the air and play with her - but she was so drained. My sweet baby got a dose of Amoxicillin and a couple drops of baby tylenol. We snuggled and rolled around on the floor for a little bit, but the continuous eye rubbing and head nuzzling did me in. A nice cool baba and her fuzzy blanket was all it took for her to be out like a light. My poor, sleepy, not feeling well baby girl.

Me, on the other hand..just feels like straight crap. My lymph nodes are still as big as golf balls, and all this fatigue is starting to catch up with me. I feel like I've been dragging ass and moping around like a zombie for 2 weeks now. My throat is starting to I think it's time to see a doc in the morning. Unfortunately - it seems as though I have all the signs of mono. Yes, mono - the "kissing" disease. But truly, a lot of college aged students come down with the sickness due to lack of sleep and being over worked. I'm a full time mommy, a full time health care provider, and a part time college student who doesn't eat or sleep enough..I have the perfect recipe for mono. But hey - I'm not complaining. I adore being a full time mommy, I like what I do career wise, and I do hate school but it'll be worth it when it's over. If a little mono thinks it can wipe me out, psh..this aint nothin' :)

Jake and a couple that we're close friends with went straight from the soccer field to the Capital Raceway Track..Abby and I planned on joining them but, no such luck. This mommy needs some chill time & this baby girl needs some rest. No offense towards Jake intended, but I'm kind of enjoying have the house to myself for a bit. I'm in a sweatpants-crazy hair-gallon of ice cream-grey's anatomy watchin'-cough drop suckin'-pillows & blankets on the couch kind of mood.

Ahh..let's keep our fingers crossed that we both feel better by the 4th :)

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