Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Rambles

Well..I ran out of gas again tonight. For the second time in one week, lovely.

I have the worst..but best luck ever. Things always seem to go wrong in my life but somehow the just automatically fix themselves right when I'm about to have a mental breakdown.

Example: My gas light was on when I left my house for work this morning. I had Abby in the backseat, it was freezing, I hit traffic & was running late - I didn't have time to stop. Especially because work gave me these new hours to help me with my crazy morning, so if I showed up late on only my third 9am shift I'm pretty sure they would have had a heart attack. Anyways, I knew that I could get to my Aunt's to drop Abby off & to work with my gas light on. Getting home? That was going to be an issue. There is a gas station RIGHT outside of the hospital I work at, I praying to god that I'd make it there. Obviously..I didn't. I got out of the parking garage and wasn't even off campus yet when my little old hunk of junk started to give out. I drifted in front of the security building & told them I ran out of gas & that I'd be back in 10 minutes to move my car. Yeah, much for that 10 minutes. I trot my little white ass up Eastern Avenue (not the greatest part of town, may I add) to the gas station - they are out of gas cans. Great. I continue to walk, freezing, and convinced that every person walking past me was a serial killer. I come to another gas station - they are out of gas cans too. Just when I was about to start crying..a Jamaican man said "Wait..I will help you" He gave me a bottle of wind shield wiper fluid, dumped it out, and filled it with a gallon of gas. He cut me a water bottle to use as a funnel & didn't ask for anything in return. I was secretly having a mini breakdown because I was sure that he was a serial killer also..but, he wasn't. Thank goodness. He was just a nice man who decided he'd take some time to help a girl out. There should be more people like him in this world! Weather he knew it or not, he totally saved the day.

See what I mean? Stuff like that ALWAYS happens to me. Some how or another, things just always seem to work themselves out. I don't know how I get so lucky..but I am glad I do!

In other crappy news, I hurt my back at work! Yesterday was so busy. Like..I have never been so busy at work in my life kind of busy. I pulled & pushed patients in & out of the PACU all day long. As soon as I admitted a patient, got them comfortable..they needed to go upstairs & another patient was ready to come in. It was awful! I came home with an aching back last night, but I was hoping after some motrin and sleep it'd feel better. No such luck, it felt even worse this morning. There is this knot feeling thing right next to my spine that is burning & aching..and if I turn a certain sends this sharp throbbing pain all over my back & up to my shoulder. It hurts so bad! Work was slow I could kind of take it easy & not have to strain as much. I am really not a complainer..but I'm not going to be able to take this if it doesn't go away! I popped ibuprofen and used hot packs on my back all day but it hasn't touched me. It almost feels like it hurts more now that I'm home and can think about it more. Wah! :(

& While I'm in the complaining kind of mood..I really miss Abigail :( Missing bedtime two nights in a row is really sad for me and I feel like I haven't been able to spend hardly any time at all with her lately. I am off until Tuesday after tonight..and we are going to have some serious mommy/baby bonding time! I can't wait. Lots of good to come with that :)

This is random..but just a little something to pep up the mood of this post..I had the most amazing lobster dinner at Fifers the other night! Jake surprised me & asked if I wanted to meet him out for something to eat while I was shopping with Abby. It was delicious! Abby and I had fun too :)

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See her new hat, isn't it cute? :)

To continue the randomness - I found this girl on youtube that I'm totally obsessed with. For those of you who don't know me well, you probably wouldn't know that I am a 90's alternative rock junkie. I don't make it very known, I'm more of a "country girl" on the outside..but in my car or at home I totally jam out to nothing but matchbox 20, fuel, bush, sister hazel, etc. Glycerine is probably in my top 3 favorite songs of all time, and I youtube the video a lot just to listen to it. Doing so, I came across this girl. She does covers of the 90's grunge stuff that I love..only on the piano & it sounds totally different from the original songs. But, for some reason..its totally mesmerizing. I think she is pretty awesome & I totally wish that I could play an instrument & sing well so that I could do cool covers of old music! Check her out..

Speaking of music, Taylor Swift's new album? Amazing. Her new song, Back to December? Even more amazing. It is my new obsession and kind of describes a certain situation in my life that crosses my mind from time to time. It should be playing in the background right now :)

& Currently..I am fresh out of the shower with dripping wet hair, freezing, throbbing back, enjoying my bagel bites and watching forest gump. I think I will be hitting the sack soon, goodnight!

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