Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Funday

It seems as though on days where I actually take the time to blow out my hair, do my makeup, and dig up some nice clothes are naturally the best of days. Its an instant mood and confidence booster when you feel pretty. So, why do I only take the two hours it takes to pamper myself, eh..maybe once a month? No clue. I guess its something to do with this mommy thing... ;)

Today was lazy for the most part, but enjoyable.

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yes, that is a thermometer paci that she came across some how or another. and yes, she is missing a sock. she rips them off when i'm not looking

How can it not be enjoyable when I have this cute little face following me around all day? Oh, and yes. This means my camera is working again. HUGE smiles :)

We pretty much just hung around the house all day. Abby slept through the whole Raven's game, so for once Jake and I both got to enjoy the game, which was a first! This evening we went to the mall and got to see Santa's Wonderland at Bass Pro!

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I also bought her Christmas dress tonight! I am very excited about the holidays this year..its not it? ;) ho ho ho...
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Adorable. The best part? 1. Daddy helped pick it out! (for ONCE he wasn't waiting in the massage chairs outsides the stores) 2. It was on sale, 50% off 3. I had a gift card that covered the cost, and had some left over! Now just to find a black turtle neck, black tights, a sweater, some new mary janes, and a bow to match & then we'll be already for our Christmas pictures next week!

I also went on a hunt to find her a winter hat, impossible. She hates things on her head so I really need to find a hat that ties under her chin, NO where to be found. Seriously. I was shocked too.

For now, Pirates of the Caribbean is on (favorite movie ever!) and Jake just brought home fried chicken. Sigh - so much for my diet. Work in the morning. So, goodnight for now!

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  1. check children's place, we got Lil Dustin's coat and hat last year from there. It velcro's by the ear, after a few painful times of making him wear it he got used to it quick.

    Like this--

    they have several different colors and styles!
    Hope that helps some :)



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