Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shooting Stars

I saw a shooting start tonight! The first time I saw one was two years ago, I was in a completely different place in my life than I am now. I find it funny that I wished on this star, for what I had in my arms that very night ♥

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I got to see my friend Nicole this week! She and I met at my first job (a waitress at pizza hut) when I was sixteen, we clicked right away & have been super close friends ever since. She got pregnant about 8 months after I got pregnant with Abby. Since the babies have arrived - we haven't got to see as much of each other. It was really fun to be able to spend some time with her and her little man, Christian!

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The day was an adventure, but you can't expect much more with us. It started out with Jackie and I trying to clean out my atrocious car so that me, her, Abby, and Nicole and Christian could all fit into my little two door car. Nicole had a donut tire on her car, so we all had to squeeze together! After all that time- my car didn't work out. We ended up taking Jackie's bug (it has a bigger trunk) and we were a tight fit..but we all made it! Since I had the shortest legs they made me squeeze in the backseat with the two car seats. We all had seat belts & car seats were in correctly, it was safe!

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Since we had absolutely nothing else to do we drove to Columbia Mall and sipped Starbucks, and window shopped with the babies. Both of our strollers were acting crazy (wheels were sticking and not turning non stop!) so we really ended up with spilled coffee every where & funny laughs while accidentally running over everyone who came in our path!

& As always - Jackie is always one of the greatest friends ever! She always hangs with us boring mama's even though she's still single & in party mode! We love her! Even when she hides from the camera :)

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We had so much fun together, and it had been SO long since the three of us got together, we convinced Jake and Chris to take over after we put the babies to bed so that we could have some girl time! We switched into my car after the mall, and ran out of gas...less than a mile from the gas station.

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Imagine little ol' me running across Veterans high way, freezing my toosh off with a gallon of gas. Yes, it was an interesting sight. We laughed..because what else could we do. We were back on the road again in no time :)

The plan was to have this great, tipsy off white Russians reunion night. Kinda like this night we shared right here, back in good ol' summer of 2008.

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But, none of us could even finish one drink. We ended up sitting around in pink bathrobes & watching/singing country music videos. Oh, and we made scrambled eggs & home fries too. Regardless what we do - we always have way too much fun together!

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Wow. We sure do look different!

I don't really have very many close friends who have babies (duh, most 20/21 year olds don't have babies!) it was so nice to be able to have someone to relate to & do baby things with! We are convinced that she will either convince her boyfriend to move them closer to me, or that I can convince Jake to move us closer to them!

Besides that..we haven't been up to too much around here. Friday Abby and I went to the mall to do some girls shopping, and I finally found a hat for is so cute! Later Jake joined us & we went and bought me some new scrubs! We got Checkers for dinner and got a movie for after Abs was in bed. We got Grown Ups, and even thought it was kinda cheesy..I liked it! I love Adam Sandler, and Kevin James..and Chris Rock. So it was pretty possible for me not to enjoy it!

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For now, I am debating between sleep & alone time. It seems like a constant battle for me. I spend all day long so sleepy, but then when 10pm rolls around..I kiss Jake goodnight, and my little girl is snoozing in her is so appealing to be able to sit up and relax by myself for awhile, but then I regret it in the morning!

I think sleep may be the winner tonight though, my eyelids are getting heavy just from proof reading this post!

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