Thursday, January 6, 2011

2/365 - Storyville.

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Today we took a mini road trip to a place I have been hearing about for quite a while now, Storyville. Its a learning center for preschool aged children about 40 minutes from our house. It was worth the little trip that it was! Abby had a great time. They had a mini kitchen and "house" with a little garden, it had a pretend grocery store with a mail station, a "theater", and so much more! Despite the fact that we got stuck in traffic for a half hour on the way there and I had a mini heart attack because I didn't know where we were at and it was getting dark - we made it, and we had fun. Its some place we will definitely be visiting again soon!

For is six minutes until the season premiere of Jersey Shore! Jake and I are popping popcorn and patiently awaiting its arrival. Back to work tomorrow, see you then!

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