Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Dinner. 5/365

I pretty much suck at cooking dinner. Its not that I'm a bad cook, or that I don't like cooking..because I do. I just never do it. Laziness I guess? Its so much *easier* to get carry out or to pull something out of the freezer and heat it up.

I wish that I cooked more. To get on a better track of doing so, I've devoted every Sunday to dinner making. Hopefully I'll do more than that..but I'm starting out at least trying every Sunday! Hopefully I'll stick to it.

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My apologies for another boring picture. Jake really isn't as miserable as he looks, I promise. & Yes, our table is over crowded and yes we stayed in jammies all day and yes that is a cheetah bra hanging from my chair. Sigh. Someday I will be organized.

Anyways: dinner tonight was okay. Had better, had worse. I tried this honey mustard chicken glaze and it wasn't wonderful, I probably won't make it again. The garlic bread and corn was yummy though!

Sundays for us are usually always lazy. Jake and Abby let me sleep in! Instead of bathing and getting into our clothes for the day..we slipped right back into fresh jammies. We all cuddled on the couch, watched football, and Sam and Chance came over and played with Abby.

Big plans bright and early with Nicole and baby Christian tomorrow. Stay tuned :)

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