Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Changing a negative to a positive.

Me you health daily challenge. Day #3: Turn a negative to a positive.
Find time today to reflect on something negative that happened recently which is still upsetting you. Are there any lessons to be learned from the experience? Is there something you could do differently next time to get a different outcome? A good time to do this exercise is during your commute to or from work or school, on a walk, or any other time that's quiet when you can be alone with your thoughts.

Something that has been bothering me: the year 2010 in general. With all this reflecting going on in general, I've been realizing that it wasn't an awesome year. We had a really stressful and frustrating first couple of months of 2010 living with and moving out of Jake's Mom's, then the two of had a hard time adjusting to being a couple out on our own. Hard enough that at times I wasn't sure if we were going to make it.

It makes me sad because I have wonderful memories from the year as well. Watching Abby grow up, spending time with her, growing into a Mama, having great memories with my friends..but it always seems like the bad things out weigh the good. I want to remember the good.

How is this positive? Because it opens my eyes. Opens my eyes and makes me see that the good really does out weigh the bad, you just have to want to see things that way. This positively has given me a new outlook for 2011. It feels good. Like breathing in a gush of fresh air.

Needless to say, Jake and I have matured over the past year and have finally found a happy middle for us. It was hard. Being 19 and 21. Parents. And moving into an apartment with not a ton of money. It took us awhile, along with a lot of tears and lots of late night talks..but we did it. I have never felt so at peace with him, ever in my life.

Jake is very organized, I am not. It used to really frustrate him when I would loose my car keys or lock myself out of the house..causing terrible fights. But, he's accepting it more these days...and I'm accepting his advice on how to be more organized more rather than less. Me? I wear my emotions on my sleeve. Him? He'd rather not talk about it and go for a drive by his self. That used to really bother me. I craved for a tear, a fighting word, a hug, an it will be okay, ANYTHING..but I never got it. I have learned to be okay with this, and that he talks when he is ready. We are different. But we are working it out. After all, opposites attract, right?

So! 2011. Get ready. Jake and I are fresh and ready to take you on head first. Having such a struggling year as a couple has only made us stronger. We have learned so much about each other, which was hard at first, but in the end has only made us more compatible together. We are in love and have a beautiful little toddler who keeps us happy every single day regardless the circumstances. Hooray! :D


  1. The way you are sounds exactly like Mikey, and the way Jake is sounds alot like me. It used to 'cause lots of fights between us too but we have also been learning to accept eachother more. Hope 2011 is an awesome year for you guys! <3

  2. Oh and where did you find this challange thingy? I wanna do it! :P

  3. Thanks Krysta!! Here is the link: https://www.meyouhealth.com/challenge/2011/1/5/share-a-favorite-healthy-breakfast-idea



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