Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daily Challenge Day #4 and a New Project!

Share a favorite healthy breakfast idea.

My Absolute favorite healthy breakfast is a fruit/granola parfait. Low fat yogurt, fruit, and some crunched up granola (not too much because its usually cooked in lots of sugar!) and its delicious! I get it at work all the time. My favorite kind is peach flavored yogurt with strawberries and raspberries :)
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Okay, so about this new project of mine. Who's up for a 365!?

My friend made me aware of this awesome idea. to capture a picture every single day and tell its story for a whole year. 365 days, 365 pictures, 365 stories to tell. How much fun does that sound!? I wasn't going to do it at first since I don't have my dream camera yet, but she encouraged me to do it anyways and sent me a really great blog who did it, the one where she originally got the idea from.

I'm excited about it! So without further is 1/365. Babies at play.

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Out of half guiltiness for not having Abby around other babies enough and half of a sad heart for missing one of my best friends - Nicole and I got the babies together today! I can't believe how much Christian has grown and changed since the last time I saw him, which was only a little over a month ago! Abby is quiet with kids, I have realized. She quietly played with him and patted him on the shoulder and called him "baby". I asked her to say Christian, and she called him something that sounded like "Corupt". She did share her pacies very well though! Silly girl.

We decided to take a stroll around the mall just to get out of the house. We were so deep in conversation that we lapped around the whole mall twice (its a circle, and a mile around exactly - so we did two miles!) and didn't even realize it. We ate burger king (epic fail at my diet numero uno) and I bought Abby her bathing suit for this summer! SUPER excited.

Jake has been working lots of overtime and I have not been seeing to much of him at all which I am super bummed about. After this week, he will be back on his normal schedule and I am very much looking forward to having his studly self around more often!

Happy Hump Day!

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