Saturday, January 8, 2011

4/365 - A quick snap.

This was the first time I had an "oh shoot. i have to take a picture today" moment for my 365 project. While I managed to miss a great photo opportunity at Michael's while Abby was playing with face masks, and when I kangaroo'd her in my sweater and RAN to Starbucks because it was super freezing outside, or the sweetest moments IN Starbucks when Abby was sitting in my lap and leaning on my chest eating apple slices and animal crackers while I sipped my white mocha.(<- totally an "omg I love being a Mommy" moment).

I did however..snap a GREAT picture of Jackie and I after having some sushi at the Asian Buffet.

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Really great, eh? Um, my eyes are blood shot and I'm the most pale I have ever been in my whole life. Yuck.

The Asian Buffet was very much enjoyable though. We met Jake, Chelsea, Ryan, Sam and Chance there and I stuck to my diet very well! Water, salad, and sushi was my dinner. Go me! Abby however, decided it was okay to take handfuls of fried rice off of every one else's plates. Lol.

Speaking of food, Abby has been eating and sleeping like a CHAMP lately! Considering the kid eats 4 or 5 HUGE meals a day (plus snacks) and taking 4-5 hour naps. I'll go out on a limb and say she's going through a growth spurt!

After dinner every one came back to our place and we attempted to watch a movie but the boys wouldn't stop talking about dirt bikes and 4wheelers so we ended up just hanging around and gossiping, the usual.

I snuggled my sweet baby to bed and did some late night grocery shopping at Wal*Mart where I continued my diet and got some really healthy food! Yes!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend as well!

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