Wednesday, January 12, 2011

7/365. Work, work, work.

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Well this is the first time I've done a 365 picture a day late, and I'm sure on working days (which yesterday was) that will happen often. Sorry!

Up there is my work. The place you often hear me complain about. I spent 13 hours of my day there yesterday! Woo!

It wasn't a terrible day. Busy, but thats the norm around there. It always decides to snow on my work days, so needless to say my car was an inch deep by 8 o'clock when I went out there to move it from the roof of the garage. Which is when I realized I don't have an ice scraper, which lead to me breaking a lid off a box of wipes in my backseat to use. Worked quite well may I add!

I was a big baby about driving home in the snow but I made it, safe and sound :)

I didn't get home until almost 11, I was super happy to see that baby girl was still awake! We played and had a late night snack together and she finally passed out around midnight. I stayed up for another hour to watch the season premiere of Teen Mom 2 (which I totally love) and then crawled into my warm bed with Jake.

I'll be back tonight for part 8 of 365 :)

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