Friday, January 7, 2011

A Perfect Mess. 3/365

Today..has just been a mess. A complete and total mess. I pulled my first all nighter of 2011 last night. Currently I have been awake for over 30 hours, please bare with me.

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If you can look past our feet and see the background, you can see a half ripped paper grocery bag, an abandoned pacifier, a huge stack of diapers, some random clothing items, and Jake's hunting tree stand tipped over. Oh, and you don't have too look too closely to notice that my toe nail polish is chipped and that Jake's jeans are still dirty from his day at work.

But yet...its perfect. Its perfect because sometimes perfection is just not giving a shit that your apartment is a disaster, that your still in your work clothes 5 hours after quitting time, that your toes are practically begging you for a pedicure and your toddler's nickname is mas-destruction.

I love my life, on good days..and on bad days. I was running on schedule (for once) this morning but my Grandma was not (for once) and I ended up being late to work anyways. There was a light dusting of snow on the ground but somehow it made all drivers of Maryland think they were driving in a damn blizzard.

And speaking of bad drivers? Just so that you are aware: Yield means YIELD, if there are no cars..GO! you do not need to count to three Mississippi's, it is not a stop sign. Second of all, mid-day at a hospital most parking garages are jam packed. There is going to be zero parking on the first, second, and yes even the THIRD level so speed the fuck up and stop looking looking in every nook and cranny for a parking spot BECAUSE YOUR NOT GOING TO FIND ONE, hurry up and get to the roof to save us all 15 minutes.

So yes, obviously it has been one of those days. & Even though I am pale as all hell and I had to scrub my body from head to toe when I walked through the door tonight before I could touch Abby (worked with RSV babies all day, yikes) I have her now. And I missed her today. We are going to cuddle and I am going to bed.

Did this make any sense at all!? Hope so! My apologies if not.

Happy Friday.

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