Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dinner with the girls 8/365

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just realized i forgot to add the tag at the corner of the pic. oops!

Tonight Abby and I had dinner out with the girls! We met Jackie and Whitney at Cheeseburger in Paradise, and to my surprise..our friends Jessica, Jillian, and Sarah were there too! Three of my best girls from high school that I haven't seen much of since. It was so nice to catch up and laugh about old times together. All of us are getting a house in Ocean City the first week of June, watch out! Its going to be a blast!

Besides our night out to dinner, our day was pretty relaxing. I spent the morning deep cleaning out kitchen while Abby played with her toys and books. We took a quick trip to Target for coffee creamer and milk, and I locked us out of the apartment! I'm shocked it took 10 months for this to happen, lol. Luckily the rental office was still open and they were able to let me back in. Thank god!

I'm not sure whats in store for us tomorrow. Jake has work and school all day long, so I think I'm going to convince Nicole and baby Christian to come over for a play date! See you then!

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