Thursday, January 6, 2011

A goal.

I think every single girl in the whole wide world has a goal of loosing weight, or being more "toned". I am one of those girls. Always wanting to eat better, always wanting to loose just five more pounds, always wishing I could be a jean size smaller..always being jealous of all the skinny girls in bikinis every summer, always wishing I could just feel confident about my body.

But thats the problem - I'm just wishing. I never actually do anything about it. So this year (like every other year, lol) I really want to do it. I will feel better about myself and I think I'd be a happier person in general.

My motivation? Vacation. We will take our family vacation like we do every year, but theres something else in the line up for the summer of 2011. The grown ups are taking a 4 day get-a-way and I am SO excited. But I want to be in good shape for it. Considering most of our friends don't have babies, they have pretty rockin' bods..well, I want to be right there with them this year! I am determined! I will blogging my progress and weight loss.

Last vacation with the girls, 2008. Weight: 115
Pre-pregnancy weight, 2009: 125
Current weight: 128
Goal weight: 110

(please keep in mind that I am only 5'0. 110 is an acceptable and healthy weight for someone of my height!)

Stay Tuned! :D

1 comment:

  1. you can dooooo ittttttt

    ( not that I think you need to lol )



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