Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I love her.

Lately I have had this overwhelming love for Abby. Obviously I always have crazy heart wrenching love for her, but for some reason the past day or two its like a rush of having her all over again. Its like we're on a brand new level of mommy-hood/baby-hood. We are best friends, we can communicate now, and I love it. I love her. I love her. I love her. I love her. Just had to get that out there today.

We went to our first "baby gym" class today. I'm kicking myself in the butt for not taking the camera! I didn't know if would be okay to have it, but turns out lots of Mama's were snappin pics. Oh well :(

We had so much fun! It was interesting to see her personality bloom around other kids her age. She was a little bit shy, but eventually opened up and had fun. She kept to herself mostly and was very concentrated on her surroundings. She loved the slides and tried to steal balls from all the other babies :p It was pretty obvious that she's not around other babies too much, making me feel a little guilty. Almost makes the ridiculous monthly price seem worth it. I do think this particular class may have been a little young for her though. She was one of the older babies there and she was NOT interested in sitting my lap and singing songs and clapping her hands. My baby wanted to explore. She did really love the big parachute though. All the Mama's held the edges and all the babies crawled/ran around in the middle. She cried when they put it away!

Tonight before bedtime I was just giddy over my love for her. We had dinner together (mac and cheese with hot dogs!) and she ate a ton! My girl finally got her appetite back! I am SO happy and SO relieved because I swear the kid was getting skinnier on me. We played after we ate in her ball pit. She is SO cute. We played peek-a-boo through the little holes on the wall of the tent and she laughed sooo hard the whole time. She squished her face and made a piggy nose on the clear plastic part and I laughed SO hard. Oh, and she pretends to sleep now. She lays down on her belly and kicks her feet behind her and pretends to snore. It is HILARIOUS! She knows I think its funny so she did it about 50 times tonight, and I laughed just as hard each time :)

After our bedtime bath I combed her cute little curls that I am SO excited about her getting, rubbed Johnson's bedtime lotion onto her pudgy little baby skin and clipped her little baby finger nails. She cuddled on the couch with me and snacked on her apple cinnamon puffs. Eventually I laid her little self to sleep and wanted to cry watching her lay there because I just adore her. Simply adore her. She is awesome.

Some where between here and there I also cleaned my car and got my oil changed. Yay me! Considering I've never taken my car to get its oil changed one single time (Jake or my Dad has always done it) it was a pretty big deal for me :p And I even got the lady to take off an extra $5! Whatever they did stopped the annoying squeaking my car was making, thank god. Now I just need to get a bumper!

In other news, I just back from the gym. For the second night in a row, yay me again! New year, new me..right? Haha, I say this every year. We'll see how long it lasts! I'm not totally uncomfortable with my body but I could be a lot happier, so for once in my whole life I'd like to feel okay in a bathing suit this summer. Last summer I was 8 months postpartum (didn't look TOO terrible) and the summer before that I was 30 weeks pregnant. This year? It will be almost two years since I'd given birth. I have no excuse anymore. I need to get back in shape!

I bought a huge tub of cottage cheese and I'm trying to eat more of that, more water, and make more home cooked healthy meals. Wish me luck!


  1. what is a baby gym? I've never heard of it? and good luck with going to the gym & everything even though you are completely gorgeous already! :]

  2. Thank you Rachel! I'm trying really hard to get down to my pre-baby jean size :) The baby gym I went to was through the Gymboree classes. I'm pretty sure they have them all over. Here is the website: http://www.gymboreeclasses.com/index.jsp



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