Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crazy girl in the tent! 9/365

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I love her. She is SO silly in this tent! This was right before bath time after dinner tonight. She was playing with Daddy and flipped it over!

Today involved a little bit (okay - a lot) of panicking, sleeping in, visiting with friends, yummy dinners, and loving my boyfriend.

Panicking: Abby needed diapers, so we headed out to CVS to stock up on some pampers. I was pulling out of our parking spot and noticed a sticker on my rear window. I got out to check it out, and it was a parking violation - a note saying that my car would be towed at their convince and at my expense. What the hell? I turned around to make sure that I hadn't pulled into a handicapped spot by accident last night, but I hadn't. I looked a little closer and quickly found the issue. My tags. Long story short: In July I got a parking ticket. It got forgotten about, and the $50 ticket went up to $150, we payed it. My tags come up for renewal, they won't let me renew them because they claim they never received the payment for the parking ticket that was taken care of MONTHS ago. It has been a total pain in the ass, but my mom and I *thought* we had it all figured out - until I got this damn note this morning! Needless to say, my heart was racing, about to have a heart attack when I finally got in touch with my mom and turns out we can FINALLY go pick up my renewed tags tomorrow. In the mean time, lets just hope the tow truck guy stays clear of my car. Yikes!

Sleeping in: Abby slept in until 1pm today! Only I would have a child who sleeps like this, I swear! She *has* to be going through some major growth spurt or something. She got up at 5am, and considering she wouldn't go to bed until midnight last night - I was like, um no way child! & got her back to sleep - thank goodness! She woke up again around 8, and I changed her diaper, was about to start breakfast when she said "Baba, pacie, night-nights!" and rubbed her eyes, so I thought what the heck, worth a try and laid her back down. The kid slept until 1pm! How did I get so lucky!!

Visiting with friends: Nicole and Christian came to visit us today!

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Christian was grumpy and Abby actually ended up falling asleep again (crazy kid!) so we didn't get to do too much, but its always good to see them!

Yummy dinners: I made the BEST dinner tonight. To me anyways, ha ha. Jake isn't a huge fan of Mexican and cheesy things. Me on the other hand? I could eat it all day long!

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Creamy chicken enchiladas! I got the recipe over at I ♥ Naptime! I love her blog! Not only was it super yummy but it was so easy to make! I followed her instructions exactly, only I used pre cooked grilled chicken strips which I shredded up to save time! I also used whole grain tortillas and low fat cream cheese in hopes of making it a little less fattening, lol.

Loving my boyfriend: I love him. I simply just love him. I don't know what it is with this new year, but my heart has been filled with so much love lately. I'm not sure why, but I'm not complaining! My heart literally feels so full when I'm with him, like its growing in sizes! I have been feeling this way towards him and Abby both lately. Its like falling in love with both of them all over again, its amazing (not that ever stopped loving either of them, its just for some reason I just want to go scream at the top of my lungs HEY YOU! I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND AND MY DAUGHTER SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

And the next couple days I will not be seeing much of my girl, and for that I am sad. I have to work for the next 4 days! :( Tomorrow my Grandma asked to spend some extra time with her, and since I'll be working until 9 and I'm sure Jake wouldn't mind being able to take a nap, I agreed to let her stay at her house most of the day tomorrow. I will get to go pick her up and bring her home and get her ready for bed and then I'll be off again Saturday morning. Saturday I won't get to see her at all! :( I will be out the door before she's up and she's having a sleepover with my mom that night. Earlier this week my mom had asked me if Abby could come over and spend the night this weekend, and I said yes not thinking or realizing that I'd be at work all weekend. Jake said he wants to take me out on a date though, so for that I am excited :)

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