Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spring fever and pool partying

January is almost over. Thank god. The ending of January means that we only have one more month until our first spring month arrives, and one more month until we can move out of our apartment, hooray!

Needless to say it was freezing outside today. I am so so so so so SO ready for some warm weather. I will take 60's and breezy in a heart beat. Come on March!!

The fact that my little brother's birthday party was an indoor pool today didn't help my spring fever. It gave me a quick glimpse of summer afternoons spent at the pool, lunch out on the town, and a nice nap on cool sheets. Instead, we had to bundle up afterwards to go back outside, eat McDonald's for lunch in our warm car instead of outside on a blanket, and had to heat up the electric blankets when we got home because it was so damn cold.

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Abby had so much fun though! She LOVED the baby pool. She liked to splash and then laugh about the water hitting her in the face, and kept climbing out and jumping back into my arms. She was crazy! Not scared at all. She sooo wanted to get in the big pool and pulled every single one of the party guests by the finger over to the gates in hopes of convincing one of us, lol.

Poor Jake has been under the weather today. He tagged along to the party with us but still was pretty down in the dumps. He has a fever and a yucky cough. Pretty sure he'll be home from work with us tomorrow. Hope he feels better soon!

Between all that swimming Abby and I did, and Jake's cold..we all passed out when we got home....and didn't wake up until 8:30. Jake took some Nyquil and went back to bed, Ab and I took a trip to Wal*Mart, had a late dinner, and she finally fell asleep just after midnight.

Maybe this means I get to sleep in tomorrow? We shall see! One more day then I'm off to work again :(

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!

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