Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Abby

I'm so sorry that sometimes I let you cry in your crib at bedtime. I know your probably confused and wonder why you can't get out & why when I come in, I just lay you back down with a kiss and don't bring you back out with me. Your so sleepy baby girl, and I'm not quite sure why my little best sleeper in the world is having a hard time getting night night's lately. I'm sad for you that you can't get to sleep, because I know it's frustrating for you too. One day it will make you strong and confident in yourself.

But Oh sweet, sweet girl what you don't know is..each night before mama & dada go to sleep, we sneak into your room. We peak at you and make sure your okay, we cover you back up with the blankets you've kicked off & give you back your pacie that just seems to put you in such a more comforting sleep. We giggle and smile at each other over your cuteness and then climb into bed with each other, knowing how lucky we are to have you.

But what you or Daddy don't know, is that sometimes..even when we didn't have a rough time getting you to sleep..I sneak back into your room all by myself. I scoop your sleeping body out of the crib, find the warmest & fuzziest blanket in your room..wrap you up and rock you for awhile. You rest your little head on my shoulder and it completely melts me. I kiss your bald little head, and rest my head against yours. Sometimes I cry. I cry because I love you, I cry because I can't believe how lucky I am, I cry because some day very won't be this little anymore. & A future me will want to rewind back to this very moment and kiss you and love your little baby body, and eat up your soft little cheeks and take in your sweet after bath baby smell. So I do all those things over and over. Because one won't be so little.

I love you Abby girl. I hope you trust me & arn't too sad that I don't always take you right out of your crib when you get upset. I hope that you won't miss me too much this weekend, and I hope you know that I'm only going away for two days so that I can love dada and dada can spend some extra time loving mama..all so that we can be a better mama and dada for you. We love you so very, very much. You are our special girl. And oh, we're so lucky.

Love, Mama

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