Sunday, August 1, 2010


Due to the legnthly-ness of the last post I decided to start fresh for today's story.

We found Abby's baptism dress! A whopping $60 it was (no idea they were so expensive) but my Grandma and I just couldn't resist when we saw my little one struttin' her stuff in the JCPenny's infant department. We lost it, laughed at squealed at how adorable she looked and had to get it. First dress we tried on and it was a winner. Can't wait to post pictures of her in it next Sunday :)

It was so special to get to spend the day with my grandmother today. She's my mom's stepmom (but obviously still just as much my grandmother as the blood related) and I never get to see her, let alone it being just the two of us. We caught up and had lunch at the local diner..while Abby made a mess of her spaghetti and her and I munched on nachos and blt sandwiches.

I came home, made some brownies, bathed Abby for bedtime and watched Shark Week on the discovery channel with Jake...and that's pretty much it for today.

That's okay that today was so mellow. It's so very rare that we just get to chill, Abby, Jake and I. & With a stroll around the mall and lunch with Grandma, home made brownies & a sudsy warm baby bath & new shows to makes for a perfect Sunday, just chillin with the family. I really couldn't ask for anything more.

Back to work tomorrow, the last shift and then I'm finally off for two days instead of just one. (read my previous post, it explains)

With that said, it's already 1am and the sleep deprivation cycle will continue through tomorrow night, and Wednesday morning.

Thursday things should finally be getting back to normal.

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