Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Right Now

Right now I love my life. For no particular reason, I just do.

I love randomly stopping by my mom's house at night with a baby girl who just loves the swings behind gama's house, and smiles her happiest of all happy smiles when I tickle her feet as they creep up to me when she's a'swingin back and forth.

I love late night chit-chats with my Grandma. & thinking about all the fun I had growing up with her as a little girl..and how we used to swing on her glider by her front porch and sing we're just a swingin'..and the way she'd wake up at the crack of dawn to make me breakfast every Sunday morning, and the familiar smell of baking popping and sizzling every time I woke up. The way we'd ride bikes, and play in the snow, and pick cucumbers and watermelons out of her garden, the way she did little things for me, but they were so special and she could seriously win an award for the best grandma of all time. I to give Abby all the memories that she's given me.

I love even later night attempts to drive to the gym with Jackie, getting there..realizing that we're both in flip flops (since it's such a habit just to slip them on these summer days) cracking up, i didn't feel like going anyways and then turning around and driving straight back home.

I love my attempts to stay up late to watch my late night premiere of shows, ones in which I missed during the day..and totally zonking out on the couch, just to awake this morning at 5am to a why are you sleeping on the couch!? from a poor lonely boy who slept alone all night. Then panicking for two seconds because I was late waking up for work, then remembering..i have off today! taking a sip of diet coke, and crawling into a warm (and much more comfy than the couch) bed.

I love waking up to a babbling little girl in the next room, one who I peek at through the crack of her bedroom find her standing up and peeking through the same crack back at me, and then watching a giant smile emerge across her face once I crack the door a little further, giving her the full realization that it really was me who was coming into get her..and that it was my day off and that we were going to get to love and play all day long.

I love scooping her out of her crib and covering her in a million kisses while she giggles in approval. I love breakfast time, watching her shove her chubby little fingers into her mouth & watching her little birdy mouth open at the sight of a spoon full of banana oatmeal. I love how we always spend our mornings crawling around and exploring. Today, I opened her closet for the first time in months..and almost cried when I pulled out little tiny newborn socks and onesies. Abby on the other hand, had a total blast pulling out old toys she'd forgotten existed..such as a singing and dancing spider (i guess that's what it is) who sings that L-O-V-E song by Ashlee mom and I got it for valentine's day and thought it was hilarious, and she screamed the first time we showed it to she still didn't smile. But she held it in her lap for a good 10 minutes and examined the singing thing. Still a bit confused I'd say..

Today I had my laptop randomly playing the "Macarena" while I was picking up the kitchen..and was dancing and singing like a loser, when Abby let go of the chair she was holding onto for support..and STOOD there, all by herself, NO support..and started smiling and clapping her hands for me! HAHA! I love her and she's getting sooo big! At least someone approves of my kitchen cleaning jamming hour.

i love everything about today, and yesterday. and nothing has even happened yet...or so it seems. in reality, things are happening all the time..every day and every moment. and if you don't take the time to sit back, think about it and love it? you'll miss it. and i'm trying to cherish every little last bit of baby hood that's left in my Little's life. she'll be ONE YEARS OLD in a little over a month...and it's unreal. stay little for just a while longer, abby girl.

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