Saturday, August 14, 2010

summer rainy day

right now it's 5:44am, to be exact.
after close to an hour of tossing and turning, punching my pillow to make it feel just right, closing my eyes and hoping that mr. sandman would grant me a few more hours of shut eye..just to have my eyeballs pop back open with every sleepy thought..i finally accepted that sleep was out of the question, for now at least.
abby woke up for an early baba around 4, and jake got up for work around 4:15, and i've been wide awake ever since.
*sigh* this is the time i wake up on work days, and on my off days? all i want to do is sleep in.
keep your fingers crossed for me that after this post i'll be able to doze off for a couple more hours!

i got my wish yesterday. after my blog post, it rained 3 or 4 different times! and it did cool down. around 3pm, my grandma & i stepped outside of my aunt's house and oh my god! it's sooo cool outside! this is wonderful! i was comfortable in jeans and my ravens jersey, but it was cool enough to trade my flip flops for my pacsun slip ons. my aunt and i took a walk since it was so nice out and in hopes of getting my little to fall asleep (unsuccessful, she refused her nap all day long yesterday) and it was cool enough for me to throw some long pants on her & give her a little blankie & some baby socks. i can't wait for fall!

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since she was refusing naps, and was quite the grumpy girl, which is so not like her..we headed over to my aunt's to visit with her and my grandma (their neighbors) in hopes of tuckering a baby girl out and distracting her from sleepiness. my little cousins had friends over, and oh how they loved my baby. we all laughed and giggled at how cute they all were, sitting in a circle with abby in the middle.

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she just wanted to be one of the big kids!
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after spending all day long, and all evening at my aunts we finally headed out around 8pm to meet jake at the field for his first game of the fall ball season.

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the plan was, we've been playing at my aunts all day, and she hasn't slept. she'll pass out on the car ride home & i'll just click her car seat into her stroller, cover her up..and she'll sleep through out the game since she's so tired. wrongo! somehow or another she was still wide awake when we got there & between me, sam, and jodi we were able to keep her happy the whole time! i was proud of my sleepy girl. the first whole game she staying in the stroller sippin' on a baba, the second one we had to take her out and walk her and play but that's okay. by the time we were all leaving, all i had to do was rub my hand on her forehead and her eyes just couldn't take it, they'd gently close shut for a good 30 seconds, and then open back up..all sleepy eyed and glazed, sweet baby girl. needless to say she went right to bed once we got home!

jake and i got carry out from dominos last night & redbox'd the bounty hunter. it was so good! and so funny, and i love gerald butler and jenifer aniston. however, jake's lap was apparentley extremley comfortable & the itchy blanket that i usually hate was apparentley pretty snuggly because i couldn't fight the sleep, and totally passed out the last 30 minutes of the movie :( i hardly even remember coming to bed. i have a foggy memory of jake laughing at me for something, and crawling into bed with all the lights still on and jake standing over the dresser. i'm a sleepy mama!

so..for now? i'm gonna try to sleep. later we're driving to the eastern shore for some fun in the sun at my uncle's pool. having a bbq and visiting with my dad's family. it will be fun, but a long day with a far drive. wish me luck on this whole sleeping thing!

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