Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Houston, we have a walker!

Every night for the past week or so, Jake and I have been practicing walking with the babes. We sit in the middle of our empty dining room floor (no, we haven't bought a dinning room table yet..we don't need one! :p) with our feet touching..and Abby would walk back and forth between us, cracking us & herself up the whole time. Before today she'd taken 3 or 4 steps. her out!!

*Sigh* My last day of being a stay at home mama (for the past 6 days at least) Hey Babe..can't you win the lottery or something? I'm ready to stay home every day with my baby!! Today we went over to Jake's mom's to check on the house (she's on vacation) and for him to practice shooting his bow & arrow (another sweet reminder that fall is right around the corner!) and we both said how weird it still is to walk in that house. We lived there for a little over a year to save money when I was pregnant..and it still feels like coming home when going there. I guess the feeling will fade eventually, for was nice to be "home" for awhile :p
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