Tuesday, August 3, 2010

follow up

the laziness continued through out the day. only about a quarter of the laundry got done, and my hair never left its scrunchy & i never squeezed into something nicer than yoga pants & tshirts.

what can i say? it seems like the more i post, the more i realize how often i feel this way. will i never know the days of waking up early, full of energy, ready to explore the world again? i think that i will. all in good time. but for now..i can rock those yoga pants & i can rock no makeup and stained tshirts. one day abby won't need me to wake up early with her, she won't need me every second of every day..and i'll have all the time in the world to catch up on my beauty sleep..but, when that day comes..i will be so indescribably sad. so for now, i'm lazy. we enjoy our days lounging, walking to the park, and browsing the malls...all with mama lookin like a homeless woman. but i can rock it ;)

we took our first bubble bath tonight together. i don't know why it never crossed my mind before..but i snatched her lavender baby bubble bath & wash out of the cabinet and we sudsed up. we laughed when we stacked the bubbles on top of each others heads, we blew the bubbles all over the bathroom..we had loads of fun & called for Dada to take pictures but the camera was dead :( we stayed in so long that the foamy big bath, turned into tiny little clear bubbles that scattered across the steamy bath water. it's so relaxing, just the two of us, music softly playing in the background, the hum of Jake's voice on the phone in the next room, and the belly laughs coming from my girl..it puts knots in my stomach. i seriously love my life.

we took a night time walk after dinner. i will miss these summer night walks when it becomes to chilly to enjoy them. we listened to crickets chirping and watched fire flies dance over the grass. jake broke sticks over tree trunks and abby kicked her bare feet up in the stroller & rubbed her sleepy eyes. oh how i will miss this.

both of my babies are in bed, and right now is one of my favorite times of the day. me time. i usually spend an hour or two with Jake after Abby is in bed cleaning, watching tv, eating ice cream, whatever it is we're doing..i love us time. it reminds me that were still a couple, and not just mommy and daddy. he's an early bird & heads to bed earlier than i..so once 11pm hits..it's just me, laptop, tv, and junk food. its probably not the healthiest habit since i'm always complaining about being sleepy..but good shows are on, my blogging addiction takes over, and jake went grocery shopping without me which means theres tons of unhealthy food that screams my name from the kitchen. hence the cookies & milk i'm comping on as we speak ;)

& tomorrow..i vow to take a shower. i vow to get out of the house by early afternoon and get out on the town. go to the pool, go visit some family, go to the park..do something fun & hopefully look half way decent doing so. we'll see how it goes ;)

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