Friday, August 27, 2010

Sleepy Baby

There's just something about sleepy babies that just gets me.

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Between her pudgy little fists & heavy but sweet breaths, her peaceful little face & the way that one sock always finds its way off through out the pretty much melts me. It takes everything I have not to snatch her out of the crib every single night I peek in on her.

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Whats that you ask? Its one of the most happiest moments of all Abby babyhood for Mama

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She randomly woke up last night around 10pm, crying & fussy so Daddy went to the rescue. Aww, does da baby need a warm baba to help her get back night nights? I said as I reached out to grab her so Jake could make her a ba. Then this happened:
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The second she hit my chest and I started rubbing her back, she did a few heavy blinks..then she was out. Like a light. Can I please just tell you how special this was? That girl hasn't fallen asleep any where NEAR me since she was 6 months old. She likes to stretch out to sleep these days. It was heaven. Pure freakin' heaven. Eventually she flipped off my chest & laid next to me on the couch, but that was okay too. It was too good to be true. Maybe she just missed her mama while she was working & needed some extra night nights snuggies. She laid with me through all of my shows & when I carried her back to her crib around 11:30 she went right back to sleep. Jeez I love her so ridiculously much!!

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